Anylase two key speeches in Shakespeare's play Henry V Essay

The play Henry V was written by William Shakespeare, and was designed to make it enjoyable to Elizabeth | who was the queen at the time - Anylase two key speeches in Shakespeare's play Henry V Essay introduction || who was the queen at the time. Queen Elizabeth | would enjoy a play with a victorious king and leader, so if the queen enjoyed it the rest of England would, so William Shakespeare would make a lot of money. The play would be performed in the Globe Theatre which was a very rowdy place. So Shakespeare made the speeches attention-grabbing and very effective to entertain people and to make people listen since it was a noisy place.

Back then they would also ‘boo’ at the actors and throw food or other objects at them if they didn’t like it. So Shakespeare tried to get the audience involved in his speeches. In the first speech the troops are invading the French town of Harfleur. Henry’s troops are tired and weak and Henry wants them to have one more battle. To motivate his troops, Henry uses various techniques in his speech to persuade them to carry on.

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To open the speech, Henry uses repetition; the first line of the speech is “Once more into the breach dear friends once more. Henry makes the battle sound like nothing by repeating ‘Once more’ and tries to make it sound comforting by using ‘dear friends’ to motivate them. Also by repeating ‘Once more’ the troops think it is the last time, they have just got to do it once more. This will also help motivate the troops. In the speech emotive language is used. This it to make Henry’s troops and the audience listen. “Then lend the eye a terrible aspect. ” Is an example of this. “Shakespeare uses words such as ‘terrible’ to shock King Henry’s troops to grab the audience’s attention.

By using the word ‘terrible’ this makes images in the troop’s minds and the audience and makes them listen. To strengthen his points King Henry uses a list of three. An example of this if “Cry ‘God for Harry, England, and Saint’ George! ” He uses this to strengthen his point and get the point across and make his men and audience listen. Henry is also reminding his men why they are fighting. To emphasise his points, Henry uses exclamation. An example of this is “Whose blood is fet from fathers of war; proof! This shows that King Henry believes his men are sons of soldiers and are strong warriors themselves.

This would motivate his men if they feel someone important believes they are good soldiers. In order to further persuade the men, Henry uses flattery “And you good yeomen. ” Is an example this makes the men feel like the king is one of them and would make them feel as if they must be noble people and be able to fight again if the king, an important person says so.

Also by using the word ‘you’ it makes his men feel as if Henry is speaking to each one of them personally. In the second speech Henry and his troops have defeated Harfleur. King Henry tells the governor of the town to submit, because if he doesn’t, King Henry’s men will kill the residents. It also describes what will happen to them if they don’t submit. King Henry tells him if he doesn’t then it will be his fault that everyone will die he also tries to make the governor feel as if he has a choice, he is not forcing him into it.

Rhetorical questions are used in the second speech; and example of this is “What say you? ” Will you yield, and this avoid, Or guilty in defence, be thus destroy’d? ” King Henry is asking the governor if he will give in. This is the ending of the speech and it is as powerful ending. By asking him rhetorical questions it makes the governor think what will happen if he doesn’t give in and it helps him make his decision.

Powerful statements are also used in the speech “Or, guilty in defence, be thus destroy’d? This is a powerful statement and question because the use of emotive language shocks the governor and this is also the ending so it would make the governor think of everything he has said and worry and shock him this would also convince him to give in. In the second speech personal pronouns are used to persuade the governor to give in “Till in her ashes she lie buried. ” This is an example of personal pronouns being used to persuade the governor to give in because the use of ‘her’ and ‘she’ would make a man feel like he has to protect a women and would want to protect his town.

This is also an example of personification. Emotive language is used often in the speech to involve and shock the audience and the governor. “O’er blows the filthy contagious clouds. ” This is an example of emotive language being used, the effect of emotive language shocks and makes the governor think. This is very effective because the emotive language gives you a lot of detailed imagery and makes the governor think of what could happen and would also make the audience feel involved and would make them listen.

A list of three is also used in the speech to further persuade and convince the governor to give in. An example of this is “heady murder, spoil and villany. ” This also uses emotive language this would make the governor think of what could happen to his town. This list of three would strengthen Henry’s point and convince the governor to give in. The two speeches include a variety of techniques to persuade either his troops or the governor. The speeches use the techniques effectively.

In the film Kenneth Branagh often has Henry in the first speech making he sword punch the air, this adds enthusiasm to the first speech making things sound like fun and also makes him sound strong and ready to fight so his troops would carry on. Also the camera often looks down on his men to show Henry is important. Often at key points Henry’s horse stands on its back two legs to make it look taller this makes Henry look even more important this is effective because the men would feel honoured as when Henry is flattering them and showing he believes in them as he is such a powerful man.

In the first speech white lighting shines on Henry to show he is good and makes the audience see English as noble and the best. In the second speech a red light shines on Henry’s face to show the danger that will happen to the town if the governor doesn’t submit. This is effective because the audience sees this as being a threat and makes us want to listen and think about what will happen. Also the governor stays in the dark in the speech this shows that he is scared of Henry and worried about what will happen this is effective because it makes us believe England will win.

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