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“Wedding-Ring” by Denise Levertov

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This verse form explores the relationship and sentimental fond regards between a adult females and her nuptials ring. I feel a strong sentiment of solitariness as adult female herself is every bit lonely as marrying pealing puting at the underside of the basket. This feeling is farther aggravated by the imagination of abandoned houses. It seems to me that poet has tried to depict a pessimistic image about the life of adult female. Poet compares the arrangement of pealing in the basket with the underside of the well that manifests superficiality of the relationship of matrimony.

It is placed with all unimportant and fiddling things that show that it is worthless now.

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“Wedding-Ring” by Denise Levertov
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Here poet wants to depict that these things are non perfectly undistinguished. Their significance is time-bound. When you need them. they are utterly of import. But matrimony itself is non a relationship that is time-bound. It is everlasting. In world. the temporariness of this relationship is mourned by the storyteller.

She now wants to alter it into a gift. This transmutation of a material thing is a manifestation of alteration in the psychological being of adult female. She now wants to develop a new relationship and wants to acquire rid of the old marital memories.

I feel that adult female undergoes a serious of poignancy and wretchednesss. Her destroyed relationship is non merely tragic but it creates commiseration and fright. This commiseration and fright is due to the fact that failure in relationships conveying an person to such a low psychological provinces that he/she equates himself/herself with things of no value. This verse form farther aggravates my feeling about developing new relationship. The last portion of the verse form good intelligence for me as adult female in the verse form is willing to develop new relationship. In this manner. her solitariness will be compensated and it will convey her to life once more. It provides a sense of sunniness.

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