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Weed vs Flower – Wonders of Nature

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Nature is God’s creation as we say, we live in it and we should appreciate and uphold its Beauty. Have you ever looked at the flowers in your garden or lawn? What would happen without it? The world would look so dull as Flowers make this world so colorful and abstract. There is Greenery everywhere, with various species of plants which consist both Flower and Weed. Most of the people tend to see flowers and weeds as just flowers and weed but they actually never seem to question things that make them so different and similar.

We see flowers as just decorative item but it does not only have that characteristics.

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Weed vs Flower – Wonders of Nature
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Flowers have various uses too. From our ancestors they have been used in preparing dishes from Italian cuisine, Indian cuisine to Hispanic dishes. Mainly rose petals are used to prepare Indian dishes as it gives a very pleasant smell and taste to the food. Flowers have always been associated to human.

If a person does something great we offer him garland, if a couple gets married we offer the bouquet of flower, if a boy proposes a girl typically a red rose is given and if a person dies he is offered garland or bouquet of flowers by his/her loved and close ones.

So flower plays a significant role in our lives. They are of unending beauty. They make a garden or a lawn or just a vase look so beautiful. Flowers do have herbal uses to as they are used to make medicines as well as perfumes. Weeds are unwanted plants that grow in places where it is unwanted. It is funny that even if you take all the measures to avoid weeds from growing it somehow manages to grow and spoil the flower near it. Weeds are very worrying as they tend to be toxic and can be predatory at times.

Due to its vast root system it tends to absorb all the water and sunlight and leaves a very less amount of water to the flower/plant growing near it. It is better if we remove the weed when it is very small and still needs to bud as it can quickly grow and disperse. Weeds can return if you don’t pluck their roots at the beginning. Flowers seem to have a very slow growth rate when compared to weed. Flower needs more care to nurture and to grow whereas weed even if left untouched or uncared it still grows more in numbers and quickly.

Weed is much smaller than plants and they do not have as much usefulness as flowers have. Flowers are used for decorative purposes but weeds are not. Weeds have a very large root system than flowers. Weeds can grow in any condition and anywhere but flowers need a specific area and temperature to bloom well. We put a lot of time and effort into raising a flower but we put a lot of time and effort into cleaning and plucking the weeds. Though all the differences between them yet they have so much similarities between them.

They both are plants and of vegetative nature. Both Flowers and weed needs sunlight and water to prepare food for them. They both exist in the soil and needs oxygen. Weed and flower both are used as ayurvedic medicines and they have always been used while preparing various dishes. Flower and weed both have distinguishing features like scent, petals and stem. Therefore, Both flower and weed are so different yet so similar and there is so much more than just a vase for the beautiful flowers and a garbage container for the weeds.

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