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Analysis of Essay What I’ve Learned from Men



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    Have you as a woman ever noticed that it is almost realistically impossible for us to get along with men? It seems like no matter how hard we try or how hard we try to pretend we understand them, we always seem to come off as stupid and sometimes crazy to them. I believe most women view some men as unclassy, selfish human beings who lack the ability to give respect or acknowledge the fact that women are not there to take care of them.

    In Barbara Ehrenreich’s short essay, “What I’ve learned from Men,” she describes and bases her essay on things women can learn from men. In this essay, she proves that men influence women to become tough because of all the battles and arguments between the genders which make women realize they are too ladylike to “put out” in front of men simply because they are not mentally strong enough. This essay speaks of all the things women should learn from men, both on serious and sarcastic notes.

    For the most part however, it explains that women should in fact learn to get tough and take credit when credit is due. For example, in the essay Ehreneich states, “what I think women could learn from men is how to get tough.” I believe Ehrenreich is right when she says women can learn from men. These things for example need to be equal for women. They should get to do as they please and should be treated fairly. Women should take initiative and follow their hearts more often, instead of doing what they are suppose to do.

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