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Analysis of White Fang by Jack London

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  • Pages 2
  • Words 352
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    White Fang By London, Jack Published by Waldman Publishers Corp This animal is part dog, part wolf, this animal as a lot of strength and courage. White fang is an lonely orphan dog which lives in the frozen frontier of Yukon. Where he is abused by this mean guy who always abuses and mistreats wolves and dogs. White fang was mistreated until one man comes along and teaches white fang to find his own greatest aspect and loyalty.

    But before that the mean guy would only teach him how to fight and hunt. My opinion about this story is that the man that comes to coach white fang should not only teach white fang the he should fin his aspect and loyalty but he should teach white fang to fight just in case another animal attacks him. Also, I would’ve liked if there was a little more action in the story. The plot of this story is that a five star hunter meats this mean guy who mistreats dogs and wolves. o the hunter raises white fang then the dog grows up and at one point the dog attacks him then the dog gets injured and eventually dies. The book white fang is set in Yukon in Canada during the gold rush. During the 20th century. The plot of the story is a little weird because the book centers around a half wolf half dog which is white fang. The characters in this story are white fang; the mean man; and the hunter.

    The point of view of white fang is he is an sad animal that disappointed of life because of the mean man that abused him. Then he turns out to be happy because of the hunter and the hunter takes very good care for him and treats him very nice. The tone of the story white fang is the love between white fang and the hunter and how white fan was abused and very mistreated and then he meets this nice hunter that takes very good care of him so it was like a twist in his life.

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