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Why Do We Go to College

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    There are a plethora of roads and endeavors that anyone can take on the journey of life. Depending on the influences that surround people ultimately determine the many things that they choose to do. Before the ascension into adulthood, one primary choice everyone thinks of is college. Even during adulthood or beyond, people may choose to go back to college. Usually, there are three main factors affecting the choice to attend college. It may be because of the influences from parents, current unsatisfactory of their current job or because of the opportunities currently provided in their environment disables them from progressing in society.

    Parental influence has a large effect on the scope of success in adolescence and the generation to come. The caliber at which the family holds themselves up to (in terms of prestige) usually deal with college-related success. There are parents who pressure their kids into college and believe they will not succeed without it. Sometimes, even for the sake of reputation, they coerce their kids into college. Parents may also push their kids to attend college because of the benefits they will reap from it. Most kids who go to college have better jobs, pay and as well, are participating in a career they enjoy. In contrariety, there are parents who discourage their kids from pursuing college because of financial cost and existing financial issues. College has a vast price, and if you do not have financial aid, it is near impossible to pay. As well as being expensive, without an extra paycheck coming in the house, some families cannot sustain without their help.

    There is a broad sphere of jobs that you can choose from. It tends to shrink when it comes to the degree you may or may not have from college. A lot of people choose to go back to college if their current job does not uphold the financial necessities at hand. The minimum wage cannot pay for rent, utilities and unknown obstacles that appear in the future. Another reason to go back to college would be the distaste for their current job. Once leaving out of college, you must support yourself. Many times, you will generally be working in the same field you choose until you retire. The only way to change your job profession would be to go to college and look elsewhere.

    Finally, the last reason a person would go to college would be the opportunities it offers people who have had a difficult life. A large sum of the population is frequently subjected to abusive parents or no parents, leading to no guidance. Some do not even have support from their school or their main environment. They may be only offered obstacles instead of a step up. The knowledge and degree they obtain could shape a better future than what their precedents may have had.

    In summation, the decision to attend college can be very difficult. One could be split between the pressure of their parents and their true dream. Another could be worried about the financial pinch that they or their parents could be in. Lastly, the dissatisfaction of their current job that could take a constant toll on them. There are so many elements in life that redirect the original path an individual anticipates to take. These elements have a dualistic property to them. Bad or good, it could affect someone for the rest of their life.

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