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Why I Want Caring for People

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  • Pages 3
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    My initial interest in caring for people derived from a voluntary event to a memory care facility during my high school years in which I had the responsibility of keeping the elderly company. I did not know what to expect going into the event. It was hard to imagine the difference I could make in their lives, since I was just a stranger giving them a visit. But now I know not to underestimate a stranger’s capacity to impact another’s life, because the effects can be substantial. This experience introduced to me the ideas of voluntary and selfless work, and opened the door to discovering more about mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia. From this point on I knew that a career in a healthcare profession was for me. I completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, and as a result developed valuable skills which include good communication skills, ethics, compassion, critical thinking, and the willingness to learn.

    Post graduation my career choice seemed to be missing that one option that truly spoke to my heart and would make me say, “This is for me”. Following completion of my degree I began work as a certified nurse assistant at St. David’s Rehabilitation Hospital. I grew very passionate about my job. Every day I would interact with people and have the opportunity to change their lives, even it was by simply holding their hand. I particularly enjoyed the uniqueness of every patient, and their ever changing conditions. There were times when I found my job challenging but those moments allowed me to grow as a person and improve as a caring professional. Most importantly, these opportunities had introduced me to a wide array of health professionals and I became particularly interested in the nursing profession. I saw the positive effect nurses had on people as they worked with people of all ages with physical or mental disabilities in a variety of different settings.

    After 2 years of working directly with people and seeing the difference one can make in their lives, I knew I was ready to take on more responsibility. I have been inspired to seek a career in nursing. I want a job that is challenging, one that will stretch my limits and constantly allow me to learn, and I know that career choice is nursing. El Paso, Texas has been my home for the last 14 years, and it would bring me a great sense of fulfilment to be able to give back to the Hispanic community along the border. My long term goals as a nurse are to give back to low income communities, serve as a mentor to new nurses, and heal the minds and bodies of many patients.

    I am highly aware of the outstanding reputation of your school, and my conversations with Ms. Reyes, lead specialist, have served to deepen my interest in attending Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing. I believe my work experience has already given me some of the knowledge, skills, and work ethic needed to get started on this new career path, and I feel ready to undertake this profession, and the way of life it entails. Accomplishing a degree has already prepared me to work in an accelerated program. I know how to balance my academic workload and set deadlines for myself to complete my work on time and effectively. I hope you will give me the privilege of continuing my studies at your exceptional institution.

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