My High School Experience

Finally its time to tackle my senior year, It has taken me a lot of hard work and time to get this far. and Im looking forward to the challenge. As I look back at my prior high school years, there are many things I did right. but also many things I could have improved on. So Im not trying to have freshmen read this and follow step by step what I did, but they should follow a few steps. If I could go back and change afew things. one would definitely be to budget my time better. This would allow me to spend more time on homework and to study the current topic. I had a tendency to do as little as I could to get me through that assignment. As I learned in chemistry, the assrgnments in the beginning of the year give you the skills you need to complete assrgnments later on in the year. Another subject this applies to is Spanish.

You need to know Spanish 1 material to get through Spanish 2, Othenlvise you will learn that the hard way like me. The last thing I would have changed would have been to read more on my spare time. This would give me more background knowledge and help me out in English classes or History classes. These three changes lwish I would have made are three that. as freshmen. should try think about as you continue through high school. Despite those three changes. I feel I have done many things right In my high school career. One of the biggest is that I took many of my hardest classes my junior year. By doing this, I wouldn’t be overloaded my senior year with the senior project and other tough classes.

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The biggest thing I did right was that I took honors level classes. This caused me to challenge and push myself to do bigger and better things on projects or assignments. By taking honors-level classes, you are put in an elite group of kids who also strive to excel. This way you arent being brought down by any other classmates. who dont have the expectations that you have. The biggest help I have got from any honors level class was in United States History from my junior year. This was the best class I could have taken because in it you do a Junior Project, which is basically the same thing as the Senior Project. I can only imagine how much the Junior Project will help me when trying to complete the project which determines whether or not you graduate. If it comes down to it. take a United States History class that completes a Junior Project.

The last thing I have learned from my high school experience is to participate in school sports or be involved in groups that regularly meet outside of the school day. Studies show that a student who participates in a school sport actually gets better grades than a student not playing a sport. This is due to the fact they have to budget their time more to fit in both practices and study time. Im not writing this so freshman can read it and follow me step by step because not everything I did was good. Thats where I feel i could have improved. But if there were three things a freshman should follow, they would be to take honors-level courses, be involved in something outside of the school day. and schedule your classes so you do not have to pack every hard class into your senior year.

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