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about the Francis Report

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The are that was investigated was found to be very poor, causing patients wounds to either not get any better or even get a lot worse. For instance a dirty dressing was found to be used causing the patients cut to get infected. However the report, put forward by Robert Francis, did find that there was some good standard Of care but it was just not put to good practice. From this, the government recommended that this care was extended to all patients and that all skills were met at the appropriate standard.

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The Francis Report also investigated the complaints system, this was to see how the INS old improve without having a trial run at the government’s expense. The complaints led to 290 recommendations due to finding out that the staff wasn’t striving to improve and that they “allowed unacceptable practice to persist’. This suggests that devastating consequences occurred for the patient, their families and friends because of improper care.

From this the recommendations were that all individual complaints are to be taken seriously and that organizations get involved if complaints are not being handled correctly (e. . Health Watch) Another aspect that was discovered due o the Francis Report was that there was no support for whistle blowers. This implies that employees noticed that the INS had poor standards of care but they weren’t being supported and even pressured into keeping quiet. This is also a worry for the INS due to the fact that if the staff is being pressured into hiding the poor standard of care, then what else could they be hiding? So after a review on the staff, some new safe staffing standards have been introduced, including: percentage of shifts employees’ work being published to ‘NICE’.

This will hopefully improve working conditions within hospitals. The Francis Report led to the investigation of the treatment of patients. Hospitalized patients should be treated with “compassion and commitment” however we (the general public) have come to expect a low standard of care, erosion of public confidence and a failure to put the patient first. This has led to laziness within the working area. Robert Francis opened the doors to a patient safety programmer which changed the way people are treated within hospitals.

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