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Scott Fitzgerald Research Paper F Scott

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Scott Fitzgerald Essay, Research Paper

F. Scott Fitzgerald is in many ways one of the most of import American authors

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Scott Fitzgerald Research Paper F Scott
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of the 20th century. In his first novel, This Side of Paradise, Fitzgerald

epitomized the mentality of an epoch with the statement that his coevals had,

? grown up to happen all Gods dead, all wars fought, and all religions in adult male

shaken? ? ( Fitzgerald 307 ) . Aside from being a major literary voice of the

mid-twentiess and mid-thirtiess, Fitzgerald was besides among? The Lost Generation? s?

harshest and most insightful societal critics.

In his authoritative novel The Great

Gatsby, Fitzgerald blatantly criticized the immorality, philistinism, and

hedonism which characterized the life styles of America? s businessperson during the

nineteen-twenties. Jointly, Fitzgerald? s novels and short narratives provide

some of the best penetration into the life styles of the rich during America? s most

comfortable epoch, while at the same time analyzing major literary subjects such as

disenchantment, coming of age, and the corruptness of the American Dream.


life of F. Scott Fitzgerald is marked by every bit much, if non more, romanticism and

calamity than his novels. Throughout Fitzgerald? s life, he unsuccessfully

battled alcohol addiction, depression, and himself, in a pursuit for both personal and

literary individuality. At the age of 23, Fitzgerald published his first

novel, This Side of Paradise, to critical raves and impossible economic

success. Shortly after the publication of this novel, Fitzgerald was able to

coerce Zelda Sayre into matrimony. This matrimony is obviously the most

important event of his life? finally, Zelda would non merely expedite, but

basically, cause the personal and literary ruin of Fitzgerald. Upon

matrimony, and besides co-occuring with the pinnacle of Fitzgerald? s celebrity, Scott

and Zelda began populating a life of uneconomical extravagancy that was frequently

characterized by recklessly drunken behaviour. In order to keep this

life style, Fitzgerald was forced to set aside working on novels, and concentrate his

originative attempts on writing moneymaking, but by no agencies extraordinary, short

narratives. Throughout their matrimony, Zelda put changeless economic, every bit good as,

emotional strains on Fitzgerald. She encouraged his short narrative authorship, as good

as his imbibing, and was continually rocking his focal point from composing to

socialising. Besides, Zelda? s eventual mental dislocation triggered Scott? s ain

series of nervous dislocations. Because of these factors, Zelda is frequently

considered the premier provoker of Fitzgerald? s literary and personal

diminutions. Yet in malice of Zelda? s over

tly negative influence on Fitzgerald, he

continued to love his married woman to the twenty-four hours he died. Later in life, after Zelda became

mentally sick, Fitzgerald clearly illustrated his unconditioned love for his married woman

by compromising his artistic unity in order to compose short narratives to

support her medical disbursals. Aside from Zelda, two major American literary

figures played a significant function in Fitzgerald? s life, and his personal

diminution every bit good. On an drawn-out trip to Europe, and at the pinnacle of his celebrity,

Fitzgerald met and became acquainted with a so vague fellow exile named

Ernest Hemmingway. Throughout the class of their friendly relationship, Hemmingway would

go Fitzgerald? s harshest critic, and in the eyes of Fitzgerald, his,

? artistic scruples? ( Meyers 263 ) . The 2nd major American literary figure

who influenced Fitzgerald? s life was Edgar Allen Poe. Fitzgerald? s machination

with both the tragic and romantic elements of Poe? s life, every bit good as the many

similarities these two work forces shared, may hold really good facilitated his dip

into the unforgiving abysms of alcohol addiction and depression. Jeffrey Meyers?

life Scott Fitzgerald provides a complete and apparently indifferent history of

the life of one of the most complex work forces in American literary history. Whereas

old lifes tended to over-exaggerate either the romantic or tragic

elements of Fitzgerald? s life, Scott Fitzgerald does non in any manner effort to

stress these facets. Rather, this life offers a strait-forward

reading of both the life and plants of Fitzgerald. It illustrates the

importance of his relationships with Zelda Sayre and Ernest Hemmingway ; the

mentally and physically destructive influence of his alcohol addiction ; and the

analogues between his life and his Hagiographas. Through these aspects, and many

others, Meyers provides insight into Fitzgerald? s life, without coercing his

ain sentiment of the topic upon the reader. Personally, I found Scott Fitzgerald

to be both insightful and interesting. Compared to other Fitzgerald lifes

that I have read, Meyers? life was clearly the least colored and the most

strait-forward. In footings of literary manner, I found this life really delighting

to read. Meyers? dexterously wove primary quotation marks, his ain prose, and extracts of

Fitzgerald? s composing into a coherent and thought arousing portraiture of a really

complex adult male. To all fans of F. Scott Fitzgerald, I recommend this life

strongly, but to those who don? T know the difference between Scott and Ella

Fitzgerald, I recommend this life with reserve.

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