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A Prank on My Mother

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Allyson Lambert English 090 Narrative Essay June 24, 2010 A prank on my Mother It was around the time I was fourteen years old. I decided to pull a prank on my mother. I was supposed to go to the movies, but to her surprise when she returned home, I was still there. I had gotten permission to go to the movies with some friends one summer afternoon. My mother needed to go to the store and pick up my father from work. My ride was on the way, so I stayed to wait on them.

I don’t recall where my sisters were at the time, so I was home alone.

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A Prank on My Mother
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I sat in my room listening to music, waiting patiently for my ride to come. It seemed to be taking them forever. “Where are they,” I kept thinking. They should be here by now. I got tired of listening to music, so I went outside. Our house was on top of a hill, so I could see the road below and be able to see my ride coming.

I shot a few hoops, and I would walk to the edge of our yard and stare down the road, but saw nothing. Dang, did they get lost? It’s not that hard to find my house. Finally, I saw a vehicle coming.

It’s about time, I thought. We’re going to be late to the movie and what would you guess? It wasn’t my ride, it was my mom. I was so bored that I decided to hide behind the door in my house and scare my mom as she came in. She wouldn’t expect it since I was supposed to be gone. So I ran inside and hid. I stood far in the corner so that she wouldn’t see me as she walked to the door. I couldn’t wait to see her reaction since every little thing seemed to scare her. Then I heard the car door shut. The key hit the lock, and she opened the door.

As she walked in, I jumped out and screamed. She dropped everything she was carrying and screamed too. As she turned around, she threw a punch but stopped before she hit me when she realized it was just I. Needless to say, she slapped me anyway. I couldn’t help but laugh at her. If you would have been there to see the look on her face, you would have laughed too. I thought it was a good prank, but I can honestly say I never scared her like that again. She slaps hard so I learned my lesson on that one.

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