A Prank on My Mother Narrative Essay

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At the age of fourteen, I played a prank on my mother by staying home instead of going to the movies with my friends. Despite obtaining permission to go out, unexpected events led to my mother leaving without me. On a summer afternoon, she had errands to run and needed to pick up my father from work. With someone scheduled to give me a ride later, I opted to remain at home. However, I don’t recall where my sisters were at that moment, resulting in me being alone in the house.

Impatiently waiting in my room, I eagerly anticipated the arrival of my ride. Time seemed to drag on endlessly as I questioned their whereabouts. The monotonous background music grew tiresome, prompting me to step outside. Our house was situated atop a hill, granting me a clear view of the road below and any approaching vehicles. Taking a break from the boredom, I played basketball while occasionally glancing down the road from our yard’s edge in hopes of spotting my ride. Regrettably, all my efforts proved fruitless, causing me to wonder if they had gotten lost. After what felt like an incredibly long duration, a vehicle finally came into sight.

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Anticipating our tardiness for the movie, I realized it was time to leave. Surprisingly, my mom arrived instead of our expected ride. Seeking amusement, I decided to prank her by hiding behind the door in our house and startling her when she entered. This would catch her off guard since she thought I had already left. Without hesitation, I swiftly entered the house and found a suitable hiding spot in the distant corner so she wouldn’t see me as she approached the door. Excitement filled me as I anticipated witnessing her scared reaction, knowing how easily she gets frightened. Soon after, I heard her shutting the car door followed by the distinct sound of her putting the key into the lock and opening the door.

Startled by my sudden leap and scream, she dropped the items she was carrying and let out a scream of her own. As she turned to strike me, she realized it was only me and stopped. However, she still proceeded to slap me. Despite being slapped, I couldn’t help but burst into laughter. If you had witnessed the expression on her face at that moment, you would have found it amusing too. Although I considered it a successful prank, I never scared her like that again after experiencing the forcefulness of her slaps.

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