Ad Occursum Futurum, Requiescat in Pace Essay

I got word last evening that my friend and longtime TGR contributor David Burton had passed away - Ad Occursum Futurum, Requiescat in Pace Essay introduction. Recently, David had been battling a myriad of health issues, not the least of which was a failing heart. Though he put up a brave fight, it was too much for him to overcome. David had open-heart surgery in the past and was hoping to get on a transplant list. However, he took a sudden turn for the worse yesterday and was rushed to the hospital where he passed away a few hours later.

David was born in Manchester, New Hampshire in 1960. When he was young, comic books were his earliest artistic influences and he took an interest in the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs at age six. He was a mostly self taught artist and taught art for over ten years.

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He was a working artist for over twenty years, producing creative images for magazines, books, comic books, advertising, as well as character design and concept for the movies. He also did private commissions and portraits. David is perhaps best known for his work on fantasy and science fiction projects and his “good girl” artwork

David’s first work for TGR  appeared in the seventh issue, which was published in 2005 and his illustrations appeared in almost every issue since. David also did three pieces of artwork for the second issue of The Chronicler of Cross Plains, published in 2006.

His groundbreaking illustrations for Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars won high praise from ERB’s grandson, Danton Burroughs, who stated that his grandfather would have been proud of Burton’s renditions and praised Burton further by saying that his renditions were the best that anyone had ever done.

Aside from art, David produced, directed and written a television commercial, wrote a script for a short film, worked with special effects for film, did some light stunt work, he acted in films and is a published poet and author.

In addition to his work for TGR, David did artwork for the following organizations and individuals.: Fox Searchlight Pictures, Rip Cord Productions, Paradox Entertainment, Chapter V Enterprises, Leanta Books, Oni Press, Wild Cat Books, Heavy Metal Magazine, Tarzana Entertainment, Hippocampus Press, University of Nebraska/Bison Press, Wildside Press, Liquid Silver E-Books, Ray Bradbury, Kirk Douglas, Sera Gamble, Jessica Alba and many more.

He was a multi-talented individual and an all around nice guy who was always positive and upbeat even in the face of live-threatening adversity. He will be missed.

Ad Occursum Futurum, Requiescat in Pace David.

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