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Age Of Responsibility

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Should there be a defining age of the transition from childhood to adulthood? Recent studies have shown that the age to define adulthood has varied in different states and various organizations have proposed measures to set the age to the right, if we can all agree on one; or is there a set birthday to decide being an adult? In the eyes of the law, there need to be certain standards for teens and young adults receive responsibilities. As each individual kid matures at their own level, the age of responsibility ranges as when they transpire into adulthood.

Individuals grow up having different experiences in the result of having varied raising settings, and that results in the levels of maturity at ages among peers.

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Age Of Responsibility
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The “debate has been going on about whether the age of responsibility has been set too low” due to the rise in teen crimes throughout the years (Greenblatt). One’s setting of being raised can account to their morality and standards of liability, and a correctional facility isn’t a way to grow up in.

If a thirteen-year-old was put into a prison with likewise offenders, some committing much worse crimes than their own, they would most likely be influenced by the personalities and ways of the criminals, further incriminating their set of mind from an early age on. “Due to a spike in juvenile homicides involving handguns,” lawmakers have “passed countless laws that have made it easier to try minors as adults” (Greenblatt).

But as most of the criminal infractions are centered around drug crimes, misdemeanors, and minor infractions, these laws have made it easier to put undeserving young people into adult facilities to further worsen their state. As states are starting to rethink the harshness of the law to try them as adults, they see that if kids are put into prisons with older criminals, their likely outcome to commit another crime rises thirty-four percent. As every stage in a person’s life brings changes to one’s body and mind, it alters their choices made and actions taken.Because “the prefrontal cortex and its links to other regions of the brain are not fully formed until the age twenty-five”, the decisions and actions of young adults may be subject to the underdeveloped “executive decision making” part of the brain (Greenblatt).

Young people’s actions may be influenced by the undeveloped frontal cortex, but that still does not push away the seriousness of their crimes. If the age of principal adulthood was to be set at the age of twenty-five, the rights and responsibilities of teens may be stripped away and pushed back onto later dates.Senator Michael F. Nozzolio, a Republican, is contemplative against “moving away from a zero tolerance for violence no matter who exerts that violence” and he says “The victim is still victimized and the damage is still extreme in some cases” (El-Naggar).

In no way should a juvenile’s crimes be suppressed in the eyes of the law due to age and maturity difference, but the immense repercussions of the law on the kids may seem like too much.The teens have seemed to be soaking up all the information of being a citizen and an adult and have opened up “the window of time during which [they] ‘grow up’” (El-Naggar). This can explain why the government and the law is haphazard to when it comes to the maturity level and the actions of young adults. As a result from the wavering question if the young adults are ready for such reliability without parental supervision.

Some advocators may say The age of adulthood “in America” is “eighteen and twenty-one”, but “choosing a milestone birthday” for becoming an adult may be a more controversial task.

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