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You probably don’t notice air pollutants that are odorless and colorless, but they are there and they are harmful to you and the environment. I come to my conclusion that air pollution is harmful to the environment. Like I said, it has to be stopped. If you want to make a difference to your self and the environment you should go help stop it.

It would make a big difference if you did. I hope I inspired you to make a difference to yourselves and the environment. My speech on air pollution by Kayla Introduction Did you know that in some cities air pollution is so bad that people have to wear masks or stay indoors because of the air pollution I mean they have no choice really they will get sick otherwise! What I feel… Deep inside this makes me feel sad worried and angry.I think we can put a stop to this nonsense like people have to wear masks and stay indoors its crazy why are we doing this it makes us sick so why? Polluting is BAD but we can stop it and let the air be free! What’s causing air pollution? Smoke and gas from cars especially planes which is called co2 is clear but no good for the air.

Air pollution affects health by lung cancer brain damage and lots more dieses. In Mexico City children under the age of 14 weren’t allowed to go to school because of the air pollution. Causes are smoke and gas called carbon monoxide that is released by bushfires.For humans the burning of fuel and the use of transport.

At home it’s caused by burning wood and fireplaces, fumes from paint, hairspray and aerosol cans add to the air pollution. Ways you can help! Walking/ riding when you can riding the bus because it can take lots of people in one journey, turning of lights when they aren’t needed because less electricity will be produced and so less coal, oil and gas will have to be burnt in power stations which means less air pollution. Use products made close to home so this reduces pollution from transport

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