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A History of the United States

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After gaining independence from Britain, Americas main concern was on being successful in running their government. They believed that their central government must be kept weak in order to prevent the rise of tyranny. Because their strong belief of a weak central government, many restrictions and regulations were set on these government.

The nations first effort at republican government was The Articles of Confederation. It brought the opportunity for each state to preserve their individual sovereignty. It also gave birth to the revolutionary generations apposition to a strong centralized government with extensive powers.

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A History of the United States
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The Confederation did bring good things but even so, it was believed that it was too weak to solve the nations economic and social problems or set Americas course for the future. In 1788, the Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation. It was a success because its check and balance system. It also divided the powers of the state and national governments. A safeguard to the nation from tyranny.

The governments was divided into three branches: the legislative, executive, and judicial. This government was empowered to raise taxes and regulate commerce. The new Constitution gave the government what they needed, power and authority to accomplish tasks needed to help America grow and prosper. For example, repay debts, establish national currency etc. Even though it this new government brought opportunities, some argue that it does not meet everyones needs.

Many argue and believe that white wealthy people benefitted the most from the Constitution. This is argued because it was wealthy white men who represented them in the meetings. Not black slaves, women, or poor men. Later, the Constitution passed amendments that granted equality. The Bill of rights granted and still grants us freedom of speech, religion, and assembly. Yes, I believe that in the beginning white wealthy men benefitted the most but today all citizens have benefitted from the Constitution. We may not realize it because we might take it for granted. We have rights and freedom that many other countrys cant practice. Freedom of speech, vote and a free will to honor our God.

The constitution has been very beneficial to many citizens. It is a privilege for women to be able to vote and to have civil rights for people of all races. Since no one is perfect, our government is not perfect either. There has been laws that have been passed that hurts out country as a whole. The deaths of unborn children and of people who are given death row. The rights of these individuals are totally ignored. I understand that the people in death row deserve punishment but maybe not death. It takes away their right to a second chance in lifeToday, the constitution is relevant to American today but not perfect. Freedom to vote has been such a freedom that has shaped who we are today. There are laws that benefit us ans laws that hurt us as a whole. Laws that open the doors to failure such as freedom to practice immorality. But I guess this comes from our freedom to vote and speech and this is simply what many have fought for. Now, there are people who have these rights and simply dont practice them by not voting. Others do not know about their country to simply care about it which is a darn shame. Berkin, et al. Making America: A History of the United States. Boston, New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2003.

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