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American History s Essay

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The men were caught while attempting to wiretap phones and steal secret information. It is unknown if Nixon was aware of the heist, forever it is known of his attempts to cover it up. The following day of June 18 1972 it come to light thatches McCoy, the security coordinator for President Nixon was linked to the other suspects involved in the Watergate break -in . James McCoy formally worked for the CA. President Nixon had conducted an investigation and had cleared James McCoy of any wrong doing.

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However, on January 30 1 973 James McCoy was found guilty of conspiracy, burglary, and wiretapping. James McCoy claimed his guild¶y’ plea was due to “political pressure”. In the summer and fall of 1973 is when Nixon began having trouble keeping his tapes hidden. Nixon used the Presidents executive privilege in order to be able to keep the tapes from being released. However a prosecutor by the name of Archibald Cox fought and demanded for the tapes to be released.

Nixon did not like that and ordered Archibald Cox to be fired.

That in return led to several Justice Department Officials to resign in protest. Nixon eventually agreed to surrender some tapes, but not all of them. The ah minute silence gap remains a mystery. It occurred when President Nixon and his chief Bob Hellman were having a discussion. Despite many attempts, the contents have not been recovered. The ah minutes contains strange sounds such as buzzing, clicking, and popping. The noises vary from a loud buzz to soft buzzing and loud again.

There has been no way to solve what may have been recorded, then deleted in the ah minutes before it was erased. There are no explanations as to sequence of the clicking, popping and buzzing noises that were on the tape.

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