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Analysis: Rushmore



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    Journal: Rushmore Rushmore (1998), directed by Wes Anderson, is a film about a 15-year-old private school student, who is good at activities but bad at studies, falling in love with his teacher, Miss Cross, and trying to pursue her while competing with his friend, Mr. Blume. ‘Auteur theory’ is an idea that the director, as an author, is most centrally responsible for a film’s aesthetic form, style, and meanings.

    Strange but special characters, distinct camera angles and camera movements, subtle but interesting relationship between characters and the ingenious music used in the film are all the distinctive features of Wes Anderson’s work have led critics to regard him as a contemporary auteur. Moreover, Wes Anderson Costumes and props help a lot in understanding the characters in Rushmore that they accurately suggest the trait of the characters. For example, Max Fisher is wearing a formal suit when he is a student of Rushmore.

    This fits his trait that is mature, sophisticated and elite. After he get kicked out of Rushmore, he begins to wear a more fashionable down jacket and smoke cigarette. This suggests that he is more like a normal man in love than before. A protagonist’s wants in the final goal of the protagonist. This wants will set the hero’s destiny of his journey in the film. While a protagonist’s needs is what a hero needs to achieve his wants. A protagonist’s needs will promote the plot development.

    For example, Max’s wants is that he wants to date Miss Cross and be her boyfriend. He want these things just simply because he falls in love with Miss Cross. That is because he read her quote on a book, he loves the quote, and when he goes to find the writer and sees her he likes her. The film then suggests what Max’s needs are. First, he needs to get close to Miss Cross and get to know her. Second, he needs to get back Latin classes in order to make her happy. Third, he needs money to build an aquarium. Fourth, he needs to knock Mr.

    Blume out. Fifth, he needs to be friend again with Miss Cross. He has so many needs that I may not say every one of them in this journal. The appearance of another girl, Margaret Yang, makes Max rethink his need, face his needs, and grow as a character. I really like the attitude of the auteur, Wes Anderson, towards the characters and the plot. He made a 15-year-old boy so mature in some way and a 50-year-old man naive in some way. But they all looks so nature when I saw the film. There was no feeling of fake of uncomfortable.

    Wes is always optimistic no matter the plot is sad or bad. Even when the music is sad, the story is sad, and the cinematography is sad, Wes Anderson is optimistic. I can feel it. He always looks into the world from a happy place. He loves the world. Love is all that an artist needs to be a powerful one. I also like the music and the dialogue in the film. The music is touching and really fit the aesthetic style of this film. The dialogue is humorous and intelligent. Rushmore became one of my favorite films.

    Analysis: Rushmore. (2017, Jan 05). Retrieved from

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