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Case Stipulation Against Marriage Claudine de Castro Zialcita vs. Philippine Airlines 

Flight attendant


Words: 971 (4 pages)

View Point Claudine de Castro Zialcita complained against Philippine Airlines ( PAL ) for disregarding her from her occupation by ground of her catching matrimony. Upon disregarding her the respondent of Philippine Airlines ( PAL ) invoked their policy which states that flight attender appliers must be individual and will be automatically separated from employment…

The Role of Flight Attendant


Flight attendant

Words: 888 (4 pages)

An annotated bibliography on the ins and outs of being a flight attendant Ferguson, . Careers In Focus Aviation. 109-111. Print. In Fergusons Careers In Focus he talks a lot about the history on flight attendants. One thing I found very interesting was although the first passenger flights were in 1911 the commercial aviation industry…

Magic Carpet Airlines

Airline Industry

Flight attendant

Words: 1344 (6 pages)

Everyone would like to work for a company that’s fair, pays competitively and looks out for their employees. Magic Carpet Airlines is not a company who are practicing those three aspects. They are trying to pay their flight attendants minimal, but still requiring long hours. The flight attendants and the League of Flight Attendants are…

Garuda Indonesia : Become Leading Airlines Analysis

Airline Industry

Flight attendant

Words: 2735 (11 pages)

INTRODUCTION PT. Garuda Indonesia (Garuda) is the oldest flight company in Indonesia and owned by the government. In 2010, in its 60th anniversary-an age that should enter or in mature position- it showed more losses than profit (like shown in the 5 consecutive years of financial statement). In 2006 under the new leader of Emirsyah…

Delta Airlines Organizational Behavior


Flight attendant

Words: 3144 (13 pages)

A company must have a clear vision for success in order to succeed: a realization of what has worked for the company in the past, an understanding of the standing of the company today, and a vision for where the company will be heading tomorrow. Delta Air Lines is the epitome of a company that…

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