American speech language information

This website offers information on the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. ASH works hard to make effective communication possible for all individuals. Information is provided for the public, audiologists, speech-language pathologists, students and academic programs and faculty. It even provides connections for those wanting to further their education. Educational Resources for Special Needs. (2013). Darner. Retrieved from http://maw. Darner. Com/. Dealer is a website that is beneficial for students, teachers and parents. It provides definitions and useful tips for specific disabilities.

It also contains a great deal of varies games for students to better their understandings while avian fun.

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American speech language information
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Equity, Opportunity and Inclusion for People with Disabilities. (2011). TASK. Retrieved from http://task. Org/. TASK is an advocacy for individuals with disabilities who are unable to fight for themselves when abused or neglected. The website gives anyone access to donate, become a member or become a student member. It provides a great collection of information about inclusion and even offers online training to create inclusive classrooms.

Gallagher, J. The Deaf-blindness Resources Page. (2013). Deaf-blindness Resource races on the Net. Retrieved from http://www. Deafening. Com/deafened. HTML. This website is filled with information on a variety of devices and organizations that can be used to benefit the lives of those who are deaf or blind; it contains an A-Z list of supportive products. This website is beneficial for educators and parents of individuals who are deaf or blind. H. O. P. E. Group, L. L. C. (2012). Hope Group AZ. Retrieved from http://hypertrophy. Com/.

Hope Group is an organization that provides respite and habitation care for children approved through the state to have these services. This website contains all the information about Hope Group; including how to become an employee, what services look like and updated news. Improving the Lives of All Affected by Autism. (2012). Autism Society. Retrieved from http://www. Autism-society. Org/. Autism Society is a beneficial website that is organized to be used by individuals with autism as well as family members, professionals and advocates who work for individuals containing autism.

It is a website to increase awareness of autism and the challenges individuals containing autism face in every day life. Other than being informative, this website provides ways togged involved in the community of autism. Kid Source Online. (2013). Kid Source Online Inc.. Retrieved from http://www. Sidestroke. Com/. Kid Source is a website that is geared towards helping children by providing articles and useful information. Every day the website is updated with a Tip of the Day.

It also contains updated news articles on anything related to children, including obesity. LED Online. (2010). WET. Retrieved from http://www. Eliding. Org/. LED Online is a wonderful resource that provides a plethora of information for educators and parents of children with disabilities. It provides basic definitions, device, personal stories, newsletters, legal information and even a Q&A forum. The main focus of this website is teachers and how they can better their classroom by incorporating technology and other techniques.

Leading the Way in the Successful Treatment of Autism. (2013). Center for Autism and Related Disorders. Retrieved from http://counterterrorism. Com/. CARD (Center for Autism and Related Disorders) is an organization that works towards the treatment of autism and other related disorders. This website contains information about CARD including its locations, research, services, orgasm, resources, events and even careers. This website is great for parents to become more educated and potentially get more services for their child with autism.

Listening and Spoken Language Knowledge Center. (2013). Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Retrieved from http://listeningandspokenlanguage. Org/. This website is for individuals with hearing loss, their families and educators who work with them. It provides ways to get connected with others whose lives are affected by hearing loss and is extremely positive and uplifting. This website also gives the ability to learn, connect and advocate for individuals with a hearing loss. Sass, E. J.

Disabilities and Special Education. (2013). Deeds-resources. Retrieved from http://www. Deeds-resources. Com/deeds. HTML. This website contains a list of links to lesson plans and other resources for special educators. The links vary from broad to extremely specific topics and lesson plans. This website is updated frequently and has many useful sources that go above and beyond the physical classroom. Seal, R. The Arc. (2013) The Arc – For people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Retrieved from http://www. Theatre. Org/.

The Arc is a community website advocating for inclusion and brighter futures for individuals with disabilities. This website is useful for those who desire to learn about specific disabilities, legal rights and services to benefit those with disabilities. Special Education Resources on the Internet. (2001). SERIF. Retrieved from http://www. Serried. Com/. SERIF is a website that contains a list of informative websites beneficial for those involved with special education. This website is continually modified and updated due to adding more helpful websites.

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