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First Art Critique

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Marcel Chinebuah
Art Hl

To describe the First art piece that I had drawn, I would explain it to be a “Intentional complicated mess” there were tress amok every were in the picture, diverting the viewer’s eyes to different parts of the Drawing, and in my eyes in great art pieces there is one vocal point by which the viewer is first attracted to at first glance. Though in this piece there were different aspects of the drawing by which seemed to grab your attention, and to me this is what makes this art piece unique.

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First Art Critique
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To my belief I would think that this is what the artist wanted them to experience, or to view the drawing. In the drawing there were many shades of brown in the picture to implement the contrast in the tree branch colors, to the other light and dark shades. The viewer could also notice in the drawing that the color contrast tends to increase in brightness as the tree transcends towards the sky.

What made me like the art piece is everything in the art piece seemed to be surrounded/enclosed, though parts of the sky and the savannah were visible, so it wasn’t only a massive tree in the painting; there were other elements which distracted the viewer from the focus of the tree. In this piece I believe the artist had used pencil for the outline of the tree but colors for the actual inner form, the same technique was used for the sky and the savannah
The second piece I critiqued was “PLAIN” it was ordinary. You might think that it is what the artist tried to achieve, a plain compound of drawings. In the inked drawing the artist included, a hand with arrows pierced into it, a drop of a liquidated substance, a tank with a lion as the head, with flowers on its entrance (the top) a prehistoric sort of animal in bones, and a revolver cut at the barrel. All these items had been shaded with a lot of texture, reaffirmed, to the sides of the different drawings in the picture. The ink had been added critically to the edges of some parts of.

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