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Article copywriting

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Trade Ivoire is a company that provides effective information online, focusing on investment opportunities and trade that may occur between two or companies. The company also helps professionals and individuals in their quest of financial development and economic upheaval. These include Policy makers, Cooperatives, Entrepreneurs, Capitalsits, Investors, NGO’s, and even trade associations. In addition to this, the company aims to reach out and assist other companies and countries who want to improve their economy. For this, our company has decided to expand trade to as much as Cote d’Ivoire.

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Unknown to many, Cote d’Ivoire is considered to be the third largest economy in all of Africa. The expansion would also help in uplifting the standard and way of living of majority, if not all, of the regions in Cote d’ Ivoires. The citizens would also be opened to new methods in improving their economy.

Furthermore, the expansion would also bridge gaps among people from across the globe, allowing them to work as one community.

In addition, this would also open the inter-personal communication of people, allowing companies to properly address their problems, and achieve their objectives. More importantly, the expansion would also promote trade diplomacy, increase the job opportunity of the people, and also accelerate domestic production.

We are pleased to inform you that you are one of fortunate companies we have chosen to venture with. In this regard, may I request your good office for a scheduled appointment where we can sit down and discuss matters regarding the expansion? This would also be an opportunity for us to discuss the certain aspects of the expansion that would benefit both of our companies.

For your convenience, I may also drop by your office to discuss matters with you. Rest assured that my staff is willing to cooperate and work with your staff in order to make this venture a success.

Please advise our office of your availability and convenience. The time and effort that you will give us would be used accordingly and effectively. Trade Ivoire has always been after the comfort and success of its clients and partners.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,



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