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The E-Coli outbreak

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It appears that there are six (6) cases of the disease associated with the E-Coli outbreak. The administrator of Good Health Hospital need to be in constant communication with the CDC to help determine what protocol(s) we need to follow.. The CDC has revealed that a particular bacteria has originated in this facility. The CDC recommends that an investigation has begun in the hospital. They will began analyzing and inspecting the hospital kitchens, since E. Coli can be transmitted via contaminated vegetables, as well as delicatessen meats and other cold cuts.

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The E-Coli outbreak
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The following table shows the number of cases identified so far it lists the number of cases, such as age and gender of how many cases were ported via report, data and communication from the CDC. This will help the CDC to determine how they will address the problem of the E-coli outbreak. The data indicates the time that the outbreak occurred. After further investigation the CDC has identified the infected individuals.

The CDC will now inform the media and public of the potential outbreak. They will give a list of precautionary measures and steps to curtail this problem.

On how it can be prevented in the near future. Propose at least six (6) questions for the health care administrator at Good Health Hospital, regarding potential litigation issues with infections from he monoclonal diseases. Rationalize, in your report, the logic behind your six (6) As a health care administrator at Good Health Hospital, in regards to potential issues with litigation from monoclonal diseases. There are a variety of questions that must be asked. The purpose of infection control is to reduce the occurrence of infectious diseases.

These diseases are usually caused by bacteria or viruses and can be spread by human to human contact, animal to human contact, human contact with an infected surface, airborne transmission through tiny droplets of infectious agents suspended in the air, and, finally, by such common icicles as food or water. Diseases that are spread from animals to humans are known as zones; animals that carry disease agents from one host to another are known as vectors (www. Medical dictionary. Com). The chief administrator Joe Wellbeing has identified a potential problem with one of the patient.

The patient lab results indicates that they are symptomatic. The patient has various symptoms that indicates that that the bacteria was present during the time of admission. Here is a list of questions that need to be addressed : 1. What is the treatment for E-coli? 2. What are the complications and outcomes of infection with E-coli? . How do people contract? 4. What types of precautionary methods are in place? 5. What symptoms did you experience with your E. Coli infection? 6. What treatment has been effective for your E. Coli infection?

Identify a targeted audience within good Health Hospital, and prepare an implementation plan based on your hypothetical meeting with the hospital health care administrator. The Good Health Hospital has identified a targeted audience. Healthcare workers are occupationally exposed to a variety of infectious diseases during the performance of their duties. The delivery of healthcare services requires a broad anger of workers, such as physicians, nurses, technicians, clinical laboratory workers, first responders, building maintenance, security and administrative personnel, social workers, food service, housekeeping, and mortuary personnel.

Moreover, these workers can be found in a variety of workplace settings, including hospitals, nursing care facilities, outpatient clinics (e. G. , medical and dental offices, and occupational health clinics), ambulatory care centers, and emergency response settings (www. Siebel. Org/patients_visitors/patient_safety). The diversity among Haws and their workplaces makes occupational exposure to infectious diseases especially challenging. After meeting with the chief administrator a strategic plan has been implemented to help combat any issues and concerns about how to handle an outbreak of this magnitude. Develop, evaluate, and disseminate tools for identifying and understanding emerging infectious diseases. Identify the behaviors, environments, and host factors that put persons at increased risk for infectious diseases Conduct research to develop and evaluate prevention and control strategies in nine target areas. Enhance epidemiological and laboratory capacity. Improve Cad’s ability to communicate electronically with state and local health departments, U. S. Quarantine stations, health-care professionals, and others. Enhance the nation’s capacity to respond to complex infectious disease threats in the United States and internationally, including outbreaks that may result from baptisteries. Provide training opportunities in infectious disease epidemiology and diagnosis in the United States and throughout the world Suggest at least five (5) recommendations to your department head based on the steps taken in the implementation plan. Provide rationale for your suggestions. To implement his strategic plan there are some recommendations that will be very viable in addressing the necessary steps to combat this potential outbreak of E-coli.

Oversee the implementation of the infection control program; Review and approve a yearly program of activities for surveillance and prevention; Review epidemiological surveillance data and identify areas for intervention; Develop hospital policies for the prevention and control of infection; Assess and promote improved practice at all levels of the health facility; Ensure appropriate staff training in ICC and safety management; Ensure provision of safety materials such as personal protective equipment; Organize the training of Haws.

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