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    The products of Marino Bangladesh limited can be characterized as: Parachute (coconut oil) Aromatic gold Camellia beauty soap Parachute Scaffold Hair code hair dye About parachute product: parachute is one of the largest brands in Bangladesh and is the undisputed leader in the branded coconut oil segment, capture a market share of almost 73% . T is one of the most trusted brand in the country. Recently awarded the 6th best brand in Bangladesh by brand forum, parachute was also ranked the 3 rd best brand amongst FMC brands. Eructate has come a long way since its launch in Bangladesh In ‘ass and is today known to be a symbol of 100% purity. Parachute is targeted at all modern women who are embracing the new age with ease, as understanding newer and better means to personal care. For women who look for more than basic nourishment, parachute advanced was launched I late 2008. Parachute advanced is a 100% pure coconut oil enriched tit do-good properties of hibiscus. Parachute advanced is available in 300 ml packs all leading stores.

    Marketing process of MARINO Bangladesh limited: what is the marketing? Marketing means understand the customer mind. Marino bad Ltd, by parachute product capture value from customers in return Marino capture Marketing management philosophy of Marino Bangladesh limited: Marketing management helps to build profitable relationships with target customers by design strategies. It helps to identify the customer need or interest, the organization, and also society. There are five alternative concepts under which organization design and carry out their marketing strategy,

    • Production concept
    • Product concept
    • Marketing concept
    • Selling concept
    • Societal marketing concept

    Among them Marino Bangladesh limited is used product concept and marketing concept for parachute coconut oil. Product concept: product concept hold that consumers will favor products that offer the most in quality, performance, and innovative features . Under this concept Marino Bangladesh limited marketing strategy focuses on making continuous parachute product improvements.

    First Eructate was large bottles but in a short time they change their method or way because our country people is poor so if a mini pack it will be better and increase will be sell. Parachute mini Easy jar of parachute 20 ml parachute 50 ml parachute 100 ml parachute 200 ml parachute 500 ml parachute After that they realized that target customers are modern so need a new test in the parachute coconut oil finally they introduced parachute advanced parachute coconut oil. Parachute advanced is available in 300 ml packs I n all leading stores.

    So, it helps capture the market share by introduce the new product. Marketing concept: marketing concept holds that achieving organizational goals depends on knowing the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfaction better than competitors do ,under this concept Marino bad limited by research collect the information about the customers and consumers what they want for this reasons Marino bad limited marketing strategy is a successful organization because they understand customers mind and try to give proper value to keep good relationship with consumers or customers.

    Under this concept Marino use the pioneering idea: first use the marketing strategy of dead of selling the coconut oil in plastic Another is offer a customized product in all seasons and offer value proposition like ,free hair treatment tips, and offer some tangible and intangible value for customers. Target customers’: the target customer is women all ages in both rural and urban population of Bangladesh.

    Marketing concept Strategy planning of Marino Bangladesh limited: Strategic planning helps to achieve the goal HOW TO ACHIEVE SET A GOAL MARINO BANGLADESH MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE: CORPORATE LEVEL of Marino Bangladesh limited Functional level of Marino Bangladesh limited Finance apartment Human resource department Marketing department Corporate level or top management always do strategic planning and all decision come from or manage by top management. Top management does plan of mission and vision.

    Company Vision ‘To be the market leader Company Mission The vision will be achieved by- Marco’s business model is based on focused growth across all its brands and territories driven by continuously improving value propositions to consumers. Market expansion and widening of retail reach Marino aims to be the leader in each of the businesses; by heightened insensitivity to consumer needs, setting new standards in the delivery and quality of products and services through processes of continuous learning and improvement.

    They want to improve the quality of people’s lives in several parts of the world, through branded fast moving consumer products and services in Personal and Health Care sectors. They shall offer brands that enhance the appeal and nourishment of hair and skin through distinctive products and services based on the goodness of coconut. Mission, Vision, Objectives & Strategies of Marino Objectives of Marino Bangladesh limited: Marino Bangladesh limited other natural substances and the underlying science of hair care and skin care.

    They shall make available brands that contribute to healthy living through, both products drawn from agriculture offered in natural or processed forms, and services. They shall develop, in parts of the world beyond the Indian Subcontinent, a franchise for our branded products and services. They shall aim to be a leader in each of our businesses through heightened sensitivity to consumer needs, setting up of new standards in the delivery and quality of products and services and processes of continuous earning and improvement.

    They shall share our prosperity amongst members, share holders and associates, who contribute in improving our equity and market value. We shall acquire the stature of a friendly corporate citizen, contributing to the betterment of neighborhood communities, where we are significantly present. Business portfolio of Marino Bangladesh limited: All the difference business under the one name is called business portfolio.

    CONSUMER PRODUCT CARS (it is not a subs) AESTHETICS SERVICE Aromatic gold soap – Skin lightening products GLOBAL ARRIVED Arrived skin care product – Problem solution service business unit: those units are produce profit only make a profit. Strategic Parachute (coconut oil) scaffold parachute camellia beauty soap Aromatic gold: aromatic gold beauty soap launched in October 2005. It is beauty soap. Aromatic brings you gentle fragments beauty solution Camellia beauty soap: camellia beauty soap was launched in 1999 by marks Ltd and acquired by Marino bad Ltd in early 2005 The primary target of camellia beauty soap is 15th 35 of ages.

    THE BCC GROWTH-SHARE MATRIX: Using this method a company classifies all TTS Subs according to growth-share matrix and also understand the situation or condition . If they need more invest so try to more invest and otherwise is going downward and try to close to market. This is the method it helps which business units is profitable or not profitable. Marino Bangladesh limited is a multinational company and parachute is unique brand. Parachute first started in our country in 2000 that time it was position in question marks means low share business units in high -growth markets that time they require a lot of cash to hold their share.

    As Marino BAD limited is multinational company they huge amount money finally they overcome the question marks stage and moved next stage is star , means high growth ,high- share business or parachute product they need more investment in this situation parachute overcome those situation and finally target was cash cow. Cash cow means low -growth, high -share market. Now parachute is the cash cow position because parachute captures the 73% market share in Bangladesh . So, it is the best position for parachute products. If they want invest in new business units they can invest.

    GROWTH STRATEGY OF MARINO BANGLADESH LIMITED: Marino Bangladesh emitted is a good organization so it should design the business portfolio involves finding businesses and products the company should consider the future . Every organization need developing the strategies for growth . Anions matrix is a growth strategy method it helps a lot. Marino is a multinational company. It has a well management structure. Parachute coconut oil is the unique product and also brand product. Every organization should product developing strategies for growth.

    So Marino bad limited should product developing strategies for growth of parachute oil. In the moons matrix there are four types of growth strategy among them Marino bad limited for parachute products are used product development strategy because Marino company marketing management philosophy is used product and marketing concept. Product development means new product but same market it is possible only for huge market Share Company or product. Parachute capture the 73% market share so ,only this strategy parachute can ultimately achieved market penetration .

    Parachute can use this strategy because Marino bad limited marketing strategy is understand the customers mind so it helps a lot because customer taste change day by day so capture those customers you should introduce new thing so product development strategy used Marino bad limited for parachute product. Now parachute is the maturity stage so they need new variation of coconut oil to lead in FMC sector.. Soot Analysis Of Marino Bangladesh Limited: The goal of soot analysis is match the company strengths to attractive opportunities in the environment.

    While eliminating or overcoming the weakness and minimizing the threats. It helps to evaluate firm’s strategies to exploit its competitive advantages or defend against its weakness. Strength and weakness involve identifying the firms internal ability or lack thereof . Opportunities and threat includes external situation such as competitive forces discovery and development of new technologies, government regulation and domestic and international trends. The strength of a company give the firm a comparative advantage in the market place.

    Strength: Brand image: Firstly, Marino has stayed in the local market in Bangladesh for many years so it able to create a good image . Marino has different types of product that everybody like it . So there is a strong preference for Marino over there substitutes in the mind of a number of consumers. Integrity: Marino believes success depends on product quality and value of their products by providing a safe and healthy environment and also maintain highest standards of integrity. Market share: there is variety of products so it easily capture the market share in Bangladesh parachute capture 73% market share.

    Customer satisfactions: Marino easily understand the customers mind because they are many types of product and affordable price so the customers satisfied with the Marino products. Weakness: Limited decision taking capacity Price disadvantage Lowest per capital consumption Lack of geographical coverage Opportunities : The agriculture sector is the largest to GAP. SO Marino produce canned fruit and vegetables, mushrooms etc and it is the part of agriculture. So it’s an opportunity to contribute to gap. Though the production of the Marino product the employment opportunity are increased in Bangladesh.

    Through the production of the employment opportunity are to attract the foreign investor Threats: Uncertainly in receiving fair price Inadequacy of appropriate technology. Lack of required technology Decreasing the market share Reduce the customer due to low quality of the product. Soot analysis of parachute product coconut oil:soot analysis is related four parts, strength and weakness, opportunity and threats. It helps evaluate the problem and helps to solve the problems. It helps to create a good image about product.

    One of the most recognized and trusted brands Market leader in its category, has a huge loyalty in the urban & rural section in Bangladesh. Synonymous with pure coconut oil & is positioned on the platform of purity. Weakness: The original parachute oil solidifies in velveteen seasons. Opportunities: New variants product that make the head feel cool and refreshed. Threats: Many players are entering the market Parachute as a brand is positioned as a coconut oil. Competitor brands are communicating the advantages of using oils that are made of bad,mall,mustard etc.

    Micromanagement factors affecting parachute of Marino Bangladesh limited: several micro environment factors also influence the parachute product sales and growth of the brand. The micromanagement Supplier: the main part of the Marino bad limited is supplier because without raw materials supply we cannot produce parachute coconut oil so it is more important factor Marino always try to maintain the supply chain. But some factors are more important to produce parachute coconut oil. Raw materials availability: Marino is the largest buyer of the copra in the country.

    Copra/ raw coconut oil is the basic ingredient of almost all the parachute products. Its availability is dependent on good production of coconuts. Production is adversely affected in face of adverse weather condition . Low production can have high cost for company dependent on it. Parachute has tried to streamline raw materials availability by setting up farm care centre and collaborating with coconut development board to help coconut farmers. Raw material cost: copra takes or constitutes 41% of the raw material cost.

    If ,any rise in the price of the parachute coconut oil only for this because if copra price increase parachute coconut oil price will be increase. For example, previous year it may be 2012 September Ethel 90 ml parachute coconut oil price was 85 TX but in a couple of time it increased 10 TX means 190 ml parachute coconut oil was 195 TX because of increase of copra price 30%. This lead to the some increase product price that create a bad image of Marino company. This affected the sales volume of the many. Company: company plays a vital role for the growth any products not only parachute product but also another product.

    And also company management system and play important role. Marino Bangladesh plays a vital role for parachute coconut oil. Marino is the multinational company and also it has a good image because for good management system and good organization structure that helps a lot to introduce or market growth of parachute coconut oil. Parachute has an efficient management to ensure the growth of the brand. Competitors: competitors also influence the brand dynamics like image rejection, sales etc. A strong competitor can change anything so be careful at this stage. Any change in competitive environment will elicit a response from the brand.

    This response can create a new things or new product or brand positioning, new advertising strategy etc. Marino achieve some success by capture the huge market share only for parachute coconut oil brand image. And also gain a leadership in the market place or leading ship position in mass market. For example, juju,dabber, Customers: customers are most important actors in the Marino Company. The aim of this entire value delivery system is to serve argue customers of the parachute coconut oil means is women of all ages in both urban and rural population of Bangladesh and also create a strong relationship.

    There are five types of customer market Customers market Consumer market: Marino Bangladesh limited follows the consumer market because consumer preference and taste keep changing with time. Parachute is the best product in the FMC market. Parachute is well positioned extract the best of the changed. By launching product such as parachute advance, parachute coconut oil etc,it easily capture the consumer market because they understand the consumers mind and want or taste.

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