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My Dream is Become a Nurse

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  • Pages 3
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    Growing up I never considered becoming a nurse, however, I knew I wanted a job that allowed me to care for others because it comes naturally to me and provides a sense of fulfilment. This led me to join various clubs and organizations whose goal was to provide care to the elderly, sick and shut-ins of my community. Although caring for others came naturally to me there were other traits and skills that I would need to develop in order to effectively care for others so after graduating from High School, I applied to Mel Nathan College school of nursing. In the first year, my grandfather fell ill, and I spent most of my days assisting with his care while he was at home and visiting him in the hospital, where even though he was ill he would smile and tell me how nice the nurses were and how they took good care of him. This solidified my decision to continue on my journey to becoming a nurse in order to develop the necessary tools to truly make a difference.

    I have had some practical experience in the hospital setting as well as rehabilitation facilities, and it changed the way I observed the world around me as well as the role of nurses. My interest does not just lie in general nursing but in the specialized field of psychiatric nursing had developed after I completed my mental health clinical rotation where I witnessed instances that increased my interest in the speciality and drove me to want to learn more. There is a negative stigma against mental health, leaving those afflicted afraid to speak about what they are facing and often they endure it alone without seeking help or support for fear of seeming ‘broken’. I want to be able to open doorway for people, especially young people to feel comfortable about speaking about their mental illness and the issues they are facing because it is not easy to battle your own mind every day and feel alone even when surrounded by others, attending nursing school will provide me with the skills and knowledge I need to make this dream materialize.

    My goal is to develop a new way of thinking because every situation is different and may require various approaches; I also hope to gain practical experience in order to further develop interpersonal skills with other members of the medical team as well as those receiving care. I chose to become a nurse because it is a multifaceted career where you can find a niche that would allow you to improve and utilize your desire to help people in need as well as your interest in science and any other area that you find interesting. There are numerous opportunities to grow and continuous learning in whatever speciality you choose. There is no doubt that nursing school is challenging but there is a sense of fulfilment in knowing that as a nurse you will not only treat the patients’ illness but also improve their quality of life through the care you provide.

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