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Math Exam Task

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  • Do all questions of Assignment-1. Revise Chapter ‘Sets’, ‘Complex Number and Quadratic Equation’, and ‘Straight lines’ from N.C.E.R.T. Book and Elements of Mathematics for Class XI. Assignment No. 1 (Ch. 1,5,10)
  1. Write in roster form G = {x : x2=9, xEZ}
  2. What is a Power Set?
  3. Write the Power set of A = {5,0,7} Distinguish between equivalent and equal sets. Explain by taking examples.
  4. If A and B are two sets, then prove that A-B=A if and only if A?B=?
  5. Prove that in + in+1 + in+2 + in+3 = 0, nEN.

  6. If Z = x+ iy and 2 =a+ib and a,b,x,y are real, then show that 2×2=va2+b2+a z 3+2 i Sin?
  7. Find real ? such that is (i) real (ii) Purely imaginary. 1–2 i Sin?
  8. If a2+b2=1, then show that x will have a real value which satisfies the relation 1– i x = a–ib. 1+ i x (a2+i)2 (a+i)2
  9. If x + i y = then prove that x2+y2 = 4a2+1 2a–i
  10. Evaluate x4+4×3+6×2+4x+9 if x = –1+v–2
  11. Solve the quadratic equation 2×2 – (3+7i)x + 9i-3=0.
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  12. Find the modulus and argument of 1-i
  13. What is the slope of the line perpendicular to the line 3x+4y–11=0.
  14. For what value of a, the lines ax+3y=7 and 3x–4y=11 are perpendicular
  15. Find the distance between the lines y=mx+c and y=mx+d.
  16. Find the values of a and b so that the equations 8x–9y–16=0 and bx+3y–4=0 are dependent.
  17. Find the length of the perpendicular segment from the origin to the line x–v3y–4=0.
  18. Find the equation fo a line through the point (-4, -3) and parallel to the line 3x–5y+11=0.
  19. Find the length of the perpendicular and the coordinates of the foot of the perpendicular from the point (-3, -5) on the line x+y+6=0. If a,b,c are in A.P. then show that ax+2y+1=0 and bx+3y+1=0 and cx+4y+1=0 are concurrent.
  20. Find a point on the line x+2y=3, whose distance from the line 3x+4y=2 is 2 units.
  21. Find the coordinates of points at unit distance from the lines 3x–4y+1=0 and 8x+6y+1=0.
  22. Find the distance of the point (2,3) from the line 2x-3y+9=0 measured along a line which makes.

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