Black people Essay

In his show everyone is just waiting for the next to fall, it turns into gambling game, the most crazy looking person can be the most smart and astute. The most weak minded looking is the most powerful and most influential. Each character plays a victim role or better yet a specific role that shows us that no matter how, who, what and where, if you let your guard down about how someone may be or even about trusting them they will take that trust and perception of us and flip it just to get what they want.

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Black people
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I believe that this is the perfect example of how you carry yourself, the influences you have, belief, actions, persona and even the aura you carry does affect the way others think of you and the perception they create about you. So it is very important to always be on your 100% game, and in specifically at work you can never let your guard down; you must always be professional, and keep your integrity so others can always respect you and treat you and as well as you want them to treat you.

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