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Bullying Has Consequences as a Generation Views It

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    Bullying has existed by many as the lead way towards adulthood, but in this generation it is seen as a common public health problem that follows with after-effects. Being bullied comes with consequences such as depression, aggressive behavior, anxiety, and even poor school performances. Bullying has been going on for too many years and in my opinion it should be stopped immediately. Should the United States start looking at bulling as a criminal charge? United States national data indicated 19% of high school student’s struggles with suicidal intentions. The relationship between bullying and suicidal ideation is complex and often mediated by a build-up of various factors such as depression, abuse, and low self-esteem (Elgin, 2014).

    There are some programs and organizations that are successful in impacting people while others are not so successful. The authors concluded that both victims of bulling and the bullies themselves are at the risk of psychological distress and are exposed to a potential risk of adolescent depression and suicidality. The bullies want to feel cared about just as much as the victim, which is rare. There are countless things that were going through their minds when there was no one for the rescue. Opposing views will also consider teenagers who gives bullies ammunition to start such horrible harassment. Bullies are trying to tell a story, but they do not realize they are trying to make it known the incorrect way. “Bullying has been defined as treating others… abusively by means of force or coercion (Merriam- Webster, 2012).

    Continuing the opposing view side states the bullies should have enough morals to feel the understanding that bullying is not okay. Making fun of someone for your entertainment and excitement is quite mental. From the tragic consequences due to bullying, a multitude of programs, policies, and laws have been enacted to handle this damaging and violent behavior. There are various types of bullying, but each type will still add up to affecting others. The number of suicides and self-harming effects of bullying has expanded high over the years. Many schools have created clubs to stop bullying in their own hands because parents and students are starting to reach out and complain more. The laws regarding bullying vary from state to state. Some states have been recognized for their relation to threatening behavior activated if another student threatens a child.

    A recent survey conducted at Clemson University found that 16 percent of students between grades 3 and 12 reported bullied often, between 2 and 3 times a month. Schools and cities around the country have begun looking at legal means to rein in bullying at schools. “Children and adolescents who are victims of bullying, and those who bully others, experience a higher risk for suicidal ideation and behavior (Skapinakis et al., 2011).” In some cities, criminalizing parental indifferences has been suggested as an offense. “After parents have been warned about their child’s behavior, if the child bullies again within 90 days the parent is assumed to have “ allowed or permitted” it and could face the same legal penalties, (Deseret News).” Bullying is a crime, not just a problem… and as each day goes by, bullying is not taken seriously.

    In my opinion, bullying is akin to the trauma of sexual abuse, rape, and torture. Many others who are against bullying agrees that bullying should be regarded as a work-related injury and that bullies should face criminal prosecution. “Bullying has become an increasingly worrisome health concern, especially in evolving youth, as bullying may have lasting negative effects such as psychological distress that can lead to suicidal ideation (Alavi, Roberts, Sutton, Axas, Repetti, 2015).” Bullying is a strong cry for help, and most people do not take bullied victims afflictively. People do not realize how many lives are being taken constantly just because of a bully. You should always be the person who is smart enough to be cordial with everyone you meet. Bullies are pure selfish, and they are repetitively sending a message out that they’re self conscious about themselves.

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