Causes of Youth Unemployment in Russia

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Everybody knows that family is a way of stable and happy life, but occasionally something happens and its happiness and wealth break down and family breaks down too, it is going through divorce, hence this may cause formation of step-families and ‘tug-of-love’ children as well. Every thirty seconds, a child’s parents divorce. According to some experts, divorce is the single most traumatic experience in a child’s life.

For the 1. million children in the United States affected by divorce each year, the emotional trauma of this experience can be serious and far-reaching, often resulting in poor perfromance in school, behavioral problems, and low self-esteem. Don’t Divorce the Children is an enlightening and poignant film that explores the various effects divorce can have on these children and their families. As a reason of the propensity of divorce there is change in gender roles. Today, most modern wives tend to work outside their homes, compared to the traditional wives.

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Women who spend most their time for work and other outside activities commonly missed their ‘motherly’ roles. Bad thing about it is that it brings deteriorating effect of divorce on children and contributes to the breakdown of families. First and foremost divorce has a great influence on children, as it was said earlier. It is clear, that divorce is hard for everyone, but sometimes it hurts kid’s feelings more than other’s when one parent wants to leave the house where they live.

It is hard not to take it personally and the child begins to self-blame. Sociologists know that children from age range from 3 to 5 years old may often mistake the divorce of their parents as their own fault. Older children experience feelings of anger, grief, and embarrassment. So when people divorce, but they have children, it is very difficult but necessary for them to decide with which parent children would live. Parents often quarrel about custody of the children and access to them.

That is why such phenomenon as ‘tug-of-love’ children appears. Doubtless, both parents want their kids to live with them, but it is impossible, that is why each of the couple begins to tug his child to himself. It cause of the child’s feeling that parents do not love him, because they are too busy with dividing of the child. But when they are finally done with it, the child has only one of his parents and does not have enough love from the other, so his family and his perception of the family become defective.

Perhaps we should also point out the fact that people who have grown up in divorced families have a very high probability of experiencing divorce in their own families. Conflict between parents – separated or not – can be very damaging for kids. It is crucial to avoid putting your children in the middle of your fights, or making them feel like they have to choose between parents. Some kids may even feel relieved when parents divorce, especially if there’s been a lot of fighting between parents during the marriage.

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