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My Favorite artist is Celine Marie Claudette Dion. She is a singer, songwriter, and actress. Celine was born on March 30, 1968 in Repentigny, Quebec. She was raised with a large family from Charlemagne. She was the youngest of fourteen and was raised a roman catholic. Celine’s parents are Adhemar Dion and Therese Tanguay both are French-Canadian. Celine started her career when she was twelve her mother and her brother Michel Dondalinger Dion composed her first song called “It Was Only a Dream”. At the time they sent the song to a manager Rene Angelil for the first time he heard Dion’s voice immediately he wanted to compose another.

Rene funded her first record called “The Voice of the Good”. By 1981 she was an instant star in Quebec, Canada. Celine gained international recognition in the 80’s winning the Yamaha World Popular Sing Festival and the Eurovision Song Contest. She signed with CBS Records Canada in 1986, and achieved many English albums as well as French. She traveled to Tokyo, Japan and won “Top Performer” and “Best Song”. Dion also got other awards including “Best Female performer” and “Discovery of the Year”. “I Have So Much Love for You” was a huge hit in Canada selling 100,000 copies not including France.

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When she was eighteen Dion and Angelil saw the performance of Michael Jackson. After the performance Dion told her manager that she wanted to be a star become huge star like him. In 1989 she changed her image and stopped for several months while she when under dental surgery and to refresh her English. During her tour in 1989 she injured her voice and had to consult an Othohinolaryngologist. Celine had two choices to either have surgery on the vocal cords or not talk for three weeks. Later Celine Dion chose to undergo with the procedure with William Riley.

The operation was a success therefore her going back to singing. After Dion’s Surgery she began to learn English, for her future crossover to the English-language market. Celine was exclusively a Francophone artist at the age of eighteen. March 26, 1990 Celine released her English debut in the Anglophone with Unison. Canadian David Foster the Producer helped establish many musicians which included Vito Luprano. What influenced the album was soft rock; it also hit all the right notes. She was influenced by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Queen, Elton John and many more.

Celine Dion got Top Ten hit in the US with her third single “Where Does My Heart Beat Now. ” In 1991 she got another Top Ten hit and winning an Oscar Award-winning song, “beauty and the beast,” that appeared on the Disney animated film in 1991. The song won the Academy Award and Grammy Award. Other singles from the Unison that hit great success were “If You Asked Me To” and “Love Can Move Mountains. ” In 1993 Celine Dion confessed her love that she had for her manager. She dedicated the album The “Colour of My Love” to show the world her love. Celine Dion and Rene Angelil wedded in December of 1994 on live Canadian television.

Celine’s album “Falling into You” reached number- one all over the world while becoming the farthest platinum selling album of her career. Two hundred thousand copies sold the first week of its release becoming a Diamond album. Celine Dion is most recognized by one of her singles called “My Heart Will Go On. ” This song was the theme for the blockbuster film Titanic and became her signature song. It topped the charts and even spent ten weeks at number one and winning her four Grammy Awards. In 1989 Celine did a cover for Cyndi Lauper on the song called “I Drove All Night”.

Which it was the advertising song for Chrysler’s campaign. Celine tried to please her sponsors but cause mixed emotions and criticism. Bonita Stewart loved Celine because how she was taken by her appeal and how she uses different ethnic lines. Over all it was a success and appeared on the lenient reviews. In 2002 Celine Dion announced that she will be appearing five nights a week for a three-year contract at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. She started on March 25, 2003 and the arena that was made for her show seated four thousand people. The show contained dancing, music and visual effects.

Many starts came and saw the show to Dick Clark to Justin Timberlake. The tickets were at an average of $135. 33 she sold 332,000 tickets a night. Celine Dion was the sixth selling tour in America. Celine earned more than seventy-six million dollars the first half of 2005. She sold out three hundred and fifteen shows out of three hundred eighty-four. Celine placed sixth on the Billboard’s Money Makers list for 2005. February 17, 2010 Celine released a documentary film about her Taking Chances Tour called Celine: Through the Eyes of the World. It made 747. 9 million US dollars from 2000 to 2009.

Dion is named popular musician ahead of The Beatles, and Elvis Presley. Celine met her husband Rene who is also her manager at the time she was twelve and he was thirty-eight. Celine Dion could not conceive, to improve her chances she had two small operations at a fertility clinic in New York City. Celine’s first child is Rene-Charles Angelil born January 25, 2001. October 23, 2010 Celine gave birth to fraternal twins named Eddy and Nelson. Only one minute apart and weighing five ponds ten ounces and five pounds four ounces. The reason why I choose Celine Dion is because she has been in my life since I was a little girl.

The first time I saw the movie Titanic I loved the theme song “My Heart Will Go On. ” Never realized that Celine sang it, I fell in love with her voice. Ever since the movie I’ve always wanted to meet Celine in person and go to concerts. She was performing in Las, Vegas at the Caesars Palace colosseum. She singed all her album songs when Celine was at the colosseum for almost five years. When Celine dedicated a song to her husband she would touch her nose to let him know. Not many people knew that till she announced it on one of her interview. When Celine lived in Lake Las Vegas Nevada I would go and try to find her house.

Every time I would go I could never find her house there were so many to choose from and all looked the same. When Celine would have a concert in Las Vegas I would go just to see if I could see her. I would wait outside the arena and I could still hear her sing. One day I came so close to seeing her in person but we had to leave for an appointment. That was the most disappointing days that I had experienced. I never got to go to any of her shows because they ended on December 15, 2007. Celine is a huge impact on my life I’ve always wanted to be a singer but was never successful.

She influenced me to try to sing by taking choir and singing lessons. Celine has one powerful voice and many can’t reach to the notes that she hits every day. When Celine Dion talks she has and accent but when she sings it goes away. Celine will be remember for a long time because of all her accomplished thing she has achieved. She is a very good Canadian singer as well and French and English. Celine Performed one-hundred and thirty-two dates in arenas and stadiums across five continents. She is a big impact on many lives if she never wrote the songs she did rock n roll wouldn’t have that much meaning to it.

Also her music has been influenced by numerous genres, including pop, rock, gospel, R&B and soul, and her lyrics focus on themes of poverty, world hunger, and spirituality, with an overemphasis on love and romance. She is kind to her staff and wonderful to her fans that get to meet her. She loves to do photography and take one hundred people for a line up and does quick autographs each day. Celine is honoured that she can make people feel deeply and that people get up and dance. When they applaud like crazy it still means something to her. She always wants to spend time with her family because she never had a “normal life. Celine spent multimillion dollar on the slip ‘n’ slide at her house. Celine has managed to top her previous successes and, along the way, has become one of the brightest stars in the world of popular music. Top-selling Canadian chanteuse Celine Dion may have a handful of appearances. Dion took a career hiatus in 1999 to start a family with her husband/manager. She will be remember In My Life, Celine: Through the Eyes of the World, Celine Dion: Taking Chances World Tour. Celine Dion will be performing at the Caesars Palace Colosseum in March of 2011 for a three year contract.


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