Character Analysis Of Jordan Baker In The Great Gatsby

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In The Great Gatsby, written by Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Jordan Baker was portrayed as being foolhardy and dishonest, holding the chesty attitude of many of the people of her clip, but besides holding the features of contemporary adult females. This authoritative novel was written on the flashiness and glamor of the Jazz Age, on the wealth and greed of the people during the Jazz Age, and besides on the American dream and the corruptness of it.

Jordan Baker is, foremost of all, depicted as holding an chesty attitude. This side of Miss Baker is shown when she foremost starts conversation with Nick.” ‘ You live in the West Egg,’she remarked disdainfully” . Jordan is evidently looking down upon Nick because he lives in the West Egg which is for the alleged “new money.” The same twenty-four hours, Jordan gives a comment that makes the reader infer that Jordan is excessively good to day of the month Nick. She says “I haven’t heard a word” . Jordan gave this remark to Daisy after Daisy implied that Jordan and Nick gettogether. Jordan, like many of the other dwellers of the East Egg, idea of herself as holding much more grace and self-respect than the people of the West Egg and besides as being superior to them.

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The foolhardiness of many people during the Jazz Age is besides portrayed through Jordan Baker. She is frequently lazy, dishonest, and blunt. Tom Buchanan remarked to Jordan at times how he wondered how she got anything done (. Miss Baker is besides a really dishonest character. There was a rumour traveling around that she moved her golf ball during a tourney to win  . It was said of her that she would make about anything to win or at least to acquire her manner. Nick Carraway, who was really affectionate of Jordan besides said that “She was incurably dishonest.” . Jordan Baker is besides shown to be a really foolhardy driver. She heedlessly stated that “It takes two to do to do an accident.”  She besides strongly suggested that she hoped she would ne’er run into anyone every bit careless as herself.  Jordan Baker is besides a really blunt adult female. She stated her sentiments instead openly. She was the first to state Nick of Tom’s kept woman . F. Scott Fitzgerald frequently emphasized the foolhardiness of the American people and used Jordan Baker as a premier illustration to make so.

Although Jordan Baker was characterized by many fake traits, she did hold her strong-points. Jordan Baker was portion of the American dream. She was a primary illustration of modern adult females. She was self-sufficing and really independent. Womans from many old ages back were thought of as lame animals who needed work forces to back up them, but Jordan Baker helps turn out this wrong. She is a self-made adult female. First of all, Jordan is a really masculine name which proves that she is decidedly really independent every bit good as self-sufficient. She is described as “difficult” and “small-breasted” . She was besides described as “a immature plebe” which proves that she is self-sufficing  . Jordan Baker is besides depicted to be really independent because she is a golf player . Not many adult females of her twenty-four hours, or before that, were active in athletics such as golf. Jordan besides has a unworried attitude because it is said that she is a drinker. She besides fumes and rich persons sex; non because there is force per unit area on her to make such things, but because she is gratified by these activities. Jordan Baker truely started up the American dream for adult females.

Jordan Baker was an indispensable character in the authorship of The Great Gatsby. She depicted the foolhardiness, dishonesty, and haughtiness of many people of the East Egg; on the other manus, Jordan Baker represented the independency and self-sufficience of adult females.

Fitzgerald gave Jordan a important function in his chef-d’oeuvre The Great Gatsby because of her features of the bad things were in visible radiation during the Jazz Age and besides of the good that came out of this excessive clip period.

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