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The smell of that hell’s place

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I have an acquaintance with the most annoying insensitive and lost guy I have ever met within the 20 years of my existence here on earth. He is about 5’7″ in height, athletic body and a handsome face they say. When he smiles, it’s as though you’re looking at the devil knowing he’ll do something ridiculous every time. When he’s normal, which is rarely happening, he talks as if Hess knowledgeable enough with a topic where everyone in the conversation gets shocked that he is able to say things that we knew he’s incapable of doing.

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The smell of that hell’s place
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He is persistent, infuriating and bothersome in every situation. Whenever I see him, I’d like to punch the hell out of his treasured beautiful face and make him uglier than the beast that lingers in hell. We once shared a group where he mostly was the topic because of his acts and charms. I once liked him, mostly to be called my best friend.

With his gentle dark brown eyes, he always compelled me to follow every request. And am always like a mindless child subsequent to a parent’s order. I gave a lot of sacrifice to his relief.

I’m not saying I blame him. I blame myself because I let myself be a dumb fool. DESCRIPTION: There was the most horrible nightmarish quarter they ever made me clean. Dust was all around, cob webs all over, putrid smell of something unwashed for several decades, spills and spits every corner and no space to breath in with all clogged and locked air passages. It was meant to be a hide-out place for everyone who is enveloped on my circle of friends. To wish I’d rather burn the place down and rebuild it butt have no resource for that.

I was crying the ell how I should start because every time I was to touch something, my blood rises to the tip of my hair strands… So disgusted and so petrified with the smell of that hell’s place. Rats are jumping, roaches playing, and ants marching every spot where there is space to move. Finally, I geared myself with impenetrable armor that is 3 layers of covering all throughout my body and a hose and a broom stick. Was about to go insane when company came over. Instead of being ready to show off the place I was embarrassed that my best friends came to help.

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