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How Charles Dickens and Harper Lee Present the Experience of Childhood

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  • Pages 2
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    When looking at ‘Great expectation’ and ‘To kill a Mockingbird’ I think there are many similarities between the two. Both the authors have expressed their views through children’s points of views; this is what makes them so similar.

    If I was to compare the experiences of childhood for both Scout and Pip there would be a lot of similarly and plenty of differences. The similarly between Pip and Scout are they both show a lot of fear for people that they do not know. Scout at the start of ‘To kill a Mockingbird’ was scared to walk past Boo Radleys “…no nearer than the light pole on the corner”. This shows a part of childhood that Scout was scared of, someone that she had never met. In ‘Great expectations’ Pip is scared of the convict, as he is someone that pip does not know much about. ” A fearful man” this shows how similar there experiences are. The characters themselves are also similar. Scout is a very boyish character; she enjoys spending time with Jem and Dill and normally wears trousers. She does not have much knowledge but is never afraid to ask Atticus “What is rape”. Pip is also like this as well, he is not to sure what convicts are and is always asking Mrs Joe or Mr Joe. ” What does that mean, Joe”? The difference between Pip and Scout is they see themselves in a very difference ways.

    Scout sees herself as a boy but her Aunt does not agree with that and wants to change her. Scout also very friendly and never really alone whereas Pip is always alone. Scout has a lot of confindence, which is what Pip lacks. Scout had the confidence to stand up for Atticus when he was outside the jailhouse. “Don’t you touch him”. Pip try’s to come over with confidence but you can tell that he is really shy from future events. “Everyone, myself expected, said no, with confidence. Nobody thought of me”. At the back of his mind he is always scared. There experiences also have a lot to do with there up bring Scout has no mother but is brought up well by her father and Calpurnia ” I found our father satisfactory. He plays with us, read to us…”.Pip is not brought up in such a stable family, he has been brought up by his sister who does not give him a very good family atmosphere. ” She made it a powerful merit in herself”. This shows she looks after herself first and scout second when she should have the boy at heart.

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