How Does Harper Lee Bring About Different Aspects Of Atticus?

The definition of aspect is a particular feature or part or a specific way in which something can be considered. Hence, the different aspects of Atticus is brought out when Atticus is compared and contrasted with other characters, through the way he teaches and guides Jem and Scout and through his contribution to the themes in the story.

Comparing and contrasting Atticus with other characters is a technique that Harper Lee uses to show the different aspects to the readers. Playing the role of a father, Atticus is depicted as rational, wise and calm. Through the novel, his belief for equality is blatant and this trait is what distinguishes him from the rest of the citizens of Maycomb. One such character that is contrasted with Atticus is Mrs Dubose; a mean, racist and old woman living near the Finch’s. She shouts and screams at Jem and Scout, espeically Scout for not behaving the way of a proper lady. Being a racist women, she calls Atticus a nigger-lover for defending Tom Robison and even said, “Atticus’s no better than the niggers and trash he works for!” Mrs Dubose is depicted as the opposite of Atticus as she’s a mean, cranky and racist old lady. She looks down on Scout for being unladylike, and tells her that she’s ruining the reputation of the Finch’s. She disapproved of everything that Atticus did. This juxtaposition shows the differences between these two characters

Throughout the novel, Atticus plays a constant role model for his children to follow. While being a fatherly figure in his childrens’ eyes, he also teaches and guides them. He becomes a catalyst for Jem’s and Scout’s growth. He teaches them many different life values. For example, Scout could not understand Mrs. Caroline, so Atticus told her, “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view – until you climb into his skin and walk around it.” And during the novel, we see her trying to climb into Jem’s skin and give him the space he needed to be.

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