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Child Support Issues Essay, Research Paper

Child Support for Custodial Mothers and Fathers

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Child Support Issues Research Paper Child
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Two parent tutelary households are non a common facet of American civilization any longer. Many households have tutelary parents who have divorced and left kids in individual parent places. The facts presented here are intended to demo that statistics do non ever show the facts accurately. The U.S. Census Bureau says, & # 8220 ; In 1998, an estimated 14 million parents had detention of 22.9 million kids less than 21 old ages of age whose other parent lived elsewhere.

Custodial female parents represented 85.1 per centum of all tutelary parents while the staying 14.9 per centum were male parents. This has statistically been unchanged since 1994. About 25.8 per centum of all kids less than 21 life in households had a parent non populating in the place & # 8221 ; .

The statistics for child support among tutelary female parents show that many tutelary female parents do non have kid support due to assorted grounds. The United States Census Bureau completed a study on the poorness degree of tutelary female parents in the clip period between 1993 and 1997, describing the consequences every two old ages of that period.

In 1993, the poorness rate for tutelary female parents was 36.8 per centum below the national poorness rate norm. In 1995 and 1997, the poorness rates for the same group of female parents was 33.3 per centum and 32.1 per centum, severally. I province these facts to turn out the point that, even though legal understandings were made to supply support for these parents, the tutelary female parents do non have equal fiscal compensation to prolong the minor kid in daily activities. However, the same Census Bureau reported in 1997, that the income was higher and the poorness degrees lower for those tutelary female parents and male parents who received all of the entire sum of child support due them in that calendar twelvemonth. The poorness rate experienced a dramatic bead from 32.1 per centum of the same twelvemonth to 15.2 per centum for those having full support payments. The facts show that tutelary female parents need the payments in order to supply an environment in which the child kid would non hold to be raised in poorness and pretermiting necessary things required for life.

Of the 14 million tutelary parents in 1998, 7.9 million had some type of support understanding or award for compensation for their kids. The staying 6.1 million parents had no kid suppor

t understandings or the understandings were pending.

Assorted grounds were attributed to the fact of 44.6 per centum of all tutelary parents non holding made legal or informal understandings. Majority of the ground was due to the parents experiencing that there was no demand for a legal understanding. The other grounds rounded out to be that the other parent could non afford to pay, or the other parent provided what they could.

When we view the authorities informations that 6.2 million individual tutelary female parents do non have kid support, we cringe in incredulity, and inquire how tutelary male parents can be so detached to their kids. However, analyzing the informations closer reveals a much different facet of why things are the manner they are. When the grounds for tutelary female parents non having child support, or non even holding a child support order to get down with, are examined, it becomes clear that & # 8220 ; defaulter dads & # 8221 ; are a rareness. Of the statistics put out in 1998, merely 13.3 per centum of the entire unpaid kid support was due to a tutelary male parent non being able to be located or the male parent non paying.

The aforesaid statistics on non-paying tutelary male parents represents that non all male parents abandon their duties or their kids. The repute for tutelary male parents is being ruined by the 13.3 per centum of male parents who can non be located or who are non paying a child support order. Most individual, tutelary male parents are good, loving people who will merrily care for and love their kids. However, we believe the worst of individual male parents, we accept the negative images of & # 8220 ; defaulter dads & # 8221 ; without inquiry, merely to happen out that they account for a really little minority of the population of tutelary parents.

The statistics show that both tutelary parties face jobs in having child support payments, in life with false statements, and trade with distorted facts. It was my nonsubjective to demo all angles of the issues between tutelary parents sing child support. Custodial female parents face utmost poorness at times, nevertheless, it was shown that it was non ever due to tutelary or individual male parent abandoning his duties. The legalities of every separate kid support instance far exceed what this simple study explains, but these facts presented here were intended to demo sides that people do non look to detect.


U.S. Census Bureau. October 2000

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