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Children Now, A Non-Profit Organization Devoted To Youth In America Essay, Research Paper

As the slogan provinces, “ The end is alteration. The work is wide. Success is measured by results. ” Children Now is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit voice that speaks for all kids in the United States. This organisation moves public attitude, authorities, community, and household to go more committed to kids in our society. It urges leaders to actuate those they influence to move on the behalf of kids. It seized the critical chance to back up parents and aid childs. After all, “ being immature in America is risky. ”

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Basically, Children Now is working for the good of kids. However, the people the organisation is concentrating on altering is everyone else who could perchance impact young person. For case, it tries to make parents, lawgivers, media, concern work forces and adult females, community leaders, and citizens of any kind. Yet, this conjunct attempt is for the kids. Children Now even attracts famous person indorsements, national spouses, and national telecasting coverage. That ’ s successful for a non-profit organisation who is, in a manner, contending the media.

Some issues that the organisation trades with are gender, force, drugs, AIDS, and intoxicant. Internet, wireless, telecasting, hoardings, and other mediums that kids view normally present a skewed and unhealt

hy image of current societal issues. Children Now tries to besiege all the “garbage” available by working with insitutions like The Boys and Girls Club to distribute a message: kids should be valued and respected. One of their national runs is “Talking With Kids. . .” which encourages parents and other caring grownups to merely get down every bit shortly as possible in discoursing with immature people about life issues. Truth is what kids need to hear. Another plan developed by Children Now is “Youth Voices” . This is a communicating tool using the Internet to distribute kids’ messages about current events and issues. The polls, questionaires, and studies are used to beg sentiments, thoughts, inquiries, and replies from immature participants countrywide. It besides allows young person to command some of what they see, read, and hear around them.

Once a household gets involved with Children Now or any of it ’ s sub-organizations, there are unbounded chances for parents and kids likewise. There are events to go to, such as the concert and speak session geared for today ’ s youth about current societal issues, having Gloria Estefan and N*Sync. Besides, there are booklets and booklets to obtain which give information about assorted plans and events, every bit good as really being pieces for kids to read and contemplate. Further, there are occassionally plans on telecasting sponsored by Children Now.

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