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Health and wellbeing meanings come in three forms-holistic, positive and negative. Health and wellbeing meaning cannot be fixed because health meaner different things to different people, and your intellectual thinking of health can change from day to day; depending on your experiences you go through. Literally the word health comes from an old English word meaning “the state of being hale, sound or whole, in body mind or soul”. This tells us that our thinking of health is not Just about our physical pain we feel but also emotional feelings.

For example someone could be eating their 5 a day and exercising every day to keep fit, so their physically healthy but they mightier been through a lot of emotional things such as death of loved ones all of the sudden and to her health doesn’t meaning anything because she is emotionally not happy. She might think that she’s not healthy when someone asks her because she’s be through a lot of emotional things so all she can think of is her worries and may not concentrate on her diet that she is eating healthy and doing exercise.

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The World Health Organization is an agency of the United Nations (UN) that o-ordinates international public health service. They have also likewise said that the meaning of health cannot be fixed because different people have different intellectual thinking of health depending on their experiences. But they have agreed upon the meaning of health and wellbeing as “a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’. There are 6 factors which might affect our health from day to day and probably change our intellectual thinking of health as well.

This can affect us positively or negatively , an example of a social factor is, someone could be physically really fit and health but they might not have any friends to socialize with, and they might also not attempt to go out and find a friend because they’re feeling low about them self. This is also an example of negative meaning of health because the person is not doing anything to look after their health. Holistic definition: A holistic definition of health accesses health based on a combination of physical, intellectual, emotional and social factors.

Literally it looks in all parts of a person’s health. This definition is based on Mascots hierarchy of needs. For example Paula Radcliff, the British marathon runner, offers a good example of someone with a holistic attitude to health. She keeps herself physically fit, eating a balanced diet and exercising. She learns about different training strategies and has written books (intellectual) and is happily married (emotional), with a family and lots of friends, meeting people all over the world as she trains and competes (social).

An example of someone who has a holistic view is my cousin because she goes to gym every day for an hour which helps her burn fat and become more active, this helps her physically. She attends university and has many friends, this helps her intellectually as she learns new things so seen Is Increasing near Knowledge, Ana also socially as seen socializes with her friends and other people. She lives with her loving family, they encourage her to try new things, and this helps her emotionally. People that that have a holistic view will relate to Mascots hierarchy of needs.

The Mascots hierarchy of needs shows us that everyone has the same basic needs such as food, shelter, clothes. If the most basic needs are not met, the person will not be able to move up the Mascots hierarchy of needs. Mascots hierarchy and holistic definition is very similar because it focuses at all aspects. Positive: Deduced GEESE health and social care work book states the positive definition of health is based on the achievement and maintenance of physical fitness and mental stability… T is positive because you realize there is something you can do to improve your health and do it. A positive definition of health and wellbeing is when a person has a positive out-look towards life and always looking to improve their state of health and wellbeing. However though some people may think if a person has a usability this will limit them in certain activities in life, so they will not lead a healthy life this is wrong as a positive definition of life can be based on the person’s attitude towards health not their restriction.

For example if a person is in a wheel chair, they may feel as if they can’t do anything as they are always sitting down. A person with a positive definition of health may think though I’m in a wheel chair I can still lead a healthy life my disability does not mean my life has to stop I can still do actives such as Join a wheel chair basketball club and have an active life” Another example of money is Fern Briton.

Although she is attractive, quick-witted and extremely well liked, has a loving family and an excellent career, she realized that she would be physically fitter if she lost weight, which she did successfully. Negative definition: Deduced GEESE health and social are states that a negative definition of health and wellbeing is based on “the absence of physically illness, disease and mental distress. T is negative because it is based on not having anything wrong with you” A negative Definition of health and wellbeing is when a person refuses to try to improve their elate and wellbeing, for example if a person states ” though I binge drink and smoke I look healthy as I am a size 8 so I don’t need to exercise or need a balanced diet”. A negative definition of health and wellbeing is a consistent negative approach and refusal to try to improve their health and wellbeing, this negativity can be prompted by a variety of reasons.

For example if a person has been told they have to become paralyzed as a result of an accident they may think “as I cannot move my legs, I can never maintain a healthy life style so there is no point going to physical hereby as I will never walk again”. Nevertheless, though a negative definition of health and wellbeing can cause many barriers for a person, a person’s view point may be altered to become less pessimistic due to change in life style or out-look on life or shock in life.

For example a person may lead to a unhealthy life style and become obese this may result to an heart attack, after a health scar, the person may condos to lead a more inanely Testily Ana looses well NT. Conclusion: The difference between these three definitions is positive and negative look at a one died point of view either the good or bad whereas holistic looks at the overall view of the situation (the good and the bad). For example a positive deflation of health is “I’ve broken my leg, this doesn’t mean my life should stop.

I can still do my exams as I can write A negative example is “Vive broken my leg, this meaner I can’t do my exams as I am in pain and cannot walk”. From the positive example you can see this is one sided as the person is not looking at the issue that they may find it hard to get into the exam hall. Whereas from the negative they are only looking at the fact that they are in main not the fact that there are pain killers available to deal with the pain.

However in the holistic definition looks at the overall view “Though I have broken my leg and it hurts (physical) I can take pain killers for the pain and still do my exams ( intellectual) though I may feel a bit silly walking into a exam room limping (emotional) I can talk to the school about my concerns and see what they can do (social)” This looks at all sides of the issue and is not Just one sided. Social Construction: Social construction is something invented by members of a culture or society, that exists because people agree to behave as if it exists. One example is social status.

Social construction is about the way that factors such as your social class, religion, gender, sexuality; race, ethnicity and education determine your experience of reality and affect what your life is like on a today basic. For example woman lives longer than men, but are more likely to seek medical attention and have higher levels self- reported illness. Social status is when the honor or prestige attached to a person’s position: for example, doctors and other professional are considered to have high social status; someone’s position or rank within a group or society.

Social class is where someone comes in a hierarchy of groups within a society: for example, working class, middle class and upper class, as determined by a person’s occupation, education and income. Culture can affect the way you’re socially constructed, as some people may have to change some things in their culture to fit into other cultures. For example someone who comes to England from India will have to learn how to adapt in the new environment. They may want to dress in a different way to fit in the new environment.

They may stop wearing traditional dresses and may start to wear Shares instead. This will make them feel more comfortable in the environment and it will make them want to socialize with other people with different cultures. This will affect their health and wellbeing positively because they understand that they will need to change the way they dress to make it easier for them to fit in the community, so it will make them feel more comfortable around people and will raise their self-esteem. They may also want to learn how to speak English so they can communicate with people that speak English.

Learning English will help them to adapt to the environment around them, which will make it easier for them to socialize with people from different cultures and it will also increase their knowledge. Also, because the person is from a different place their accents are different. However a person that just comes into England from Poland may feel different because they do not have an English accent. They begin to attend an SOL course which can help improve their English. This will help them communicate with other people much easier as their accents will improve and people will find it much easier to understand them.

This meaner a person NAS a positive flew AT Neal Ana wellbeing Decease some people will not want to socialize with people they talk in a different way, however as people are using their time wisely trying to learn English in an advanced way, this shows that they are trying to improve their knowledge and make it easier for them to socialize. Time can affect the way a person’s socially constructed. Back in the days people used to believe that it was healthy for a baby to cry. However, nowadays when a bay cries people assumes that they are unhealthy and needs something.

For example: nappy hanging, food, sleep etc. This meaner their views on health and wellbeing are positive, as they are trying to improve the health of the baby, so every time the baby cries they will go and check what is wrong with the baby so they will try to resolve the issue, but back in the days they would of left the baby to continue crying as they believed it was something a baby Just did. Factors affecting the individual health and wellbeing: Physical factor: Physical factor can affect Claire positively, negatively or holistically.

Physical factor can be broken down into various groups. Inheritance: Many disease are inherited which meaner they are passed down from generation to generation. One example is hemophilia, which only affect males. It meaner that blood doesn’t clot. A male with this disease would have to ensure he doesn’t cut himself, because he could bleed to death. As a result, he may decide to avoid tackling do-it-yourself Jobs at home, taking part in contact sports or having a Job that involves sharp objects, such as knives and spades.

Disability and illness: When an individual has a disease, they become ill, some people can even become disabled because of their disease. People with disabilities have to find ways to cope with their everyday situation, while people who have no disability will be able to do so easily. Some people with disabilities need a lot of help to do things as they are dependent on their career this is because they cannot do the things independently so their careers have to help them to adapt to their lifestyles.

Diet: Each individuals needs to have a balanced diet to stay healthy. A balanced diet should contain the right nutrients to keep our bodies healthy. We should provide our bodies with fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, water and proteins. The food an individual eats affects how they look and feel it is important to their health. If an individual takes in more food than they actually need, their bodies will store it as fat which will lead to many problems such as: obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, tooth decay and cancer.

However, under-eating could lead to a number of problems such as: heart failure depression and scurvy. Over-eating and under-eating can both lead to death. My client, Claire has very less money therefore she is not receiving the right nutrients. Claire often diets but then gives up in a couple of days. Eating unhealthy is affecting Claimer’s health negatively; however, if she begins to eat healthy it will affect her health positively as she is reducing the risks of her developing any disease or Illness.

Claire also Arles alcohol every cay; tents will cause Clare many problems such as she may become addicted it alcohol or may get into depression, which can make her do terrible things, so I would advise Claire to stop drinking, even though it’s difficult. Exercise: Exercise is very important, it improves our strength, stamina and supplement, and it also tones the body. It relaxes an individual, relieving stress and it can also make the individual feel good about them giving them a high self-esteem.

Not enough exercise can result to obesity, strokes, heart attacks and many other conditions. My client Claire does not undertake any kind of exercise as she works alone. This will have a negative impact on Claire health as she isn’t toning up her muscles which leads to her putting on weight on, this can lead to obesity and Claire not feeling comfortable in her own body. Alcohol: Alcohol is an addictive substance which people din on special occasions; it lives stress, helps people to relax or even to accompany a meal.

However, drinking too much alcohol causes illnesses and problems, problems that include: less self- control, become aggressive, makes an individual’s reaction much slower, it can also include depression, cancer, high blood pressure, increased risks and many more problems. My client Claire does drink alcohol every day, this can have a negative effect on her health, it will make her put on extra weight as alcohol contains many calories, so she will fell more depression which will have a negative effect on her health. Drinking too much can lead to slurred speech vision and losing balance.

If she continues to carry on drinking like this the symptoms could lead to really serious problems like brain damage, risks of strokes and even high blood pressure. Smoking tobacco: Smoking tobacco is legal, although it has recently been banned in public places. Smoking is addictive, but it can also cause major problems, such as: increased blood pressure, increased heart attacks, narrow the arteries, poor growth, and extra work for the heart, cancer, and gum disease and many more problems. My client Claire does smoke heavily, which has a negative impact on her health.

If Claire stops smoking then her blood pressure returns to normal, breathing will be improved, loss of smokers coughs; hair, skin and breath do not smell of smoke, more money available for other use, sense of achievement and many more. However I know smoking is not easy to do and a person should really want to stop. Emotional factors: Community Involvement: Community involvement in a project – for example, raising funds to repair church roof, planning a community use a piece of land, or planning a street party to elaborate some local or national landmark- can improve health and wellbeing of all those who take part.

Even the local authority building, for example, new sports facilities can lead to more involvement of many of the local community in something Tanat Darlings teen together. Sun projects stimulate ten Drain (Intellectual). Being a useful part of a community can generate a feeling of happiness and wellbeing (emotional) and allow you to make new friends and relationships (social). On the other hand, someone who is not involved in a community can become socially isolated, and their health and wellbeing will decline.

One example is homeless people, who may have a little choice about what they eat or what care they take of themselves because they do not have regular access to resources that meet their basic needs. Other people who can become socially isolated include older people who are physically or mentally ill, or live alone after death of their partner. Lack of company can lead to loneliness and depression. Similarly, people become socially insulated by illness, language or cultural difficulties, through loss of status and role in life or through having to live alone in high-rise flats or bed-sits.

My client Claire lives on an outskirt of town, in a four-bedroom house. She has access to a swimming pool, fitness center and a multi-use games area nearby. Claire could go to the fitness center which would keep her fit (physically), this way she will be more happier and would accept herself more (emotionally). She will learn new things and learn why it is important to keep fit and exercise in her daily bases (intellectual), this way she would meet new people and may socialize more (socially). This would affect her positively towards health and wellbeing. Educational Experiences:

Learning is something you do from birth. The amount and quality of education you receive will affect your health and wellbeing, as it will determine your choice of Jobs and employment prospects and so your income and standard of living. A good education will increase your status in society, making you feel good about yourself and give you a sense of security. For this reason, education is high up to Mason’s Hierarchy of Needs. Culture and religion: The health and wellbeing of a person is influenced by the values, traditions, and way of life and beliefs of the society or group into which that person is born.

It is important for you to have opportunities to keep up your cultural and religious needs if you are to have positive wellbeing. Economic Factors: Income: People who can afford to buy a range of healthy foods are more likely to be ill, and so are more able to exercise more (physical). They will also be able to afford to go to a variety of places and take part in a variety of places and take part in a variety of activities, so they would be less bored , and have more opportunities to learn (intellectually), to meet new people and to have good friends (socially).

These factors wherefore not only affect our health and wellbeing because they allow many of our needs to be met, but also affect our lifestyle. My client Claire works part time Job and has to take care of her husband who is retired and is at poor health. This will affect her negatively because she doesn’t get much money due to the fact she works in part time Job and would get into depression of money. Occupation: An occupation or Job allows us to use enterprise you already have and develop new skills and knowledge, which is intellectually stimulating.

It not only provides your income but also gives you an opportunity to socialize and gives your days a routine, so Glenn you consonance Ana sell-esteem. I nee type AT Zoo affects our Neal Ana wellbeing. If you are in a high-powered Job, you will usually receive a salary that reflects the pressure you are under. You might become very wealthy. You might, however, find that you have a lovely home and never have enough time to spend in it; the pressure may affect you badly and cause stress.

If you are paid low, even live in poverty, you may feel a kind of pressure, because trying to make ends meet on a limit income is extremely stressful. Physical environmental factors: The environment is everything that is around you, be it your bedroom, home, house, school or the area you live in, from the air you breathe to the noises you hear. Your environment has a major impact on your health and wellbeing. Pollution: We all need clean air and water and proper waste disposal facilities but in many cases these aren’t available because of our modern way of living.

Air pollution can cause and aggravate respiratory conditions and can irritate your eyes, nose and throat. Other sources of pollution are pesticides and Hebrides on food, noise (such as aircrafts taking off and drills) that can damage hearing, and even light. In the countryside at night you see the stars; in the city, the lights can stop you seeing the star. A healthy environment can enhance your feeling of wellbeing, whereas a polluted atmosphere can make you feel ill (physical), stopping you going to school to learn (intellectual), making you feel low (emotional) and stopping you going out with your friends (social).

Housing: Our housing is where we spend our most of time. If a home is damp, overcrowded, cold and in a middle of a town (urban), you are more likely to become ill, with notations such as arthritis. Overcrowding can cause infections and diseases to spread and can lead to accidents, sleeplessness and stress. Also your health and wellbeing may suffer it, for example, you live in a high-rise apartment, with no garden space and a broken lift, so the children have nowhere to play.

On the other hand if you live in a detached house with a garden in suburbs or the countryside (rural), you will be able to get fresh air and exercise in the garden and sleep well (physical), so that your brain is more alert (intellectual), you feel more happier (emotional) and you re less likely to fall ill, and so able to enjoy an active social life (social) Urban/rural lifestyles Although living in an urban environment can accuse problems, some people prefer to live in town. For example, if you are young, single and well pay, you might live in a high-quality apartment, with every modern convince.

With double or triple glazing to cut out the noise and no overcrowding, such a lifestyle might increase your feeling of wellbeing. You would be near to libraries, museums and theaters, which would enhance your intellectual life, and close to your friends, so you would always have someone to go out with. You would also be closer to work, so you would waste less time traveling, and near to all services you might need to access. Psychological Factors: Psychological factors can be broken down into two main points.

It is to do with the mind and how an individual copes with certain situations. Stress: Stress occurs when you have with certain situations which could either be physical or mental. For example, someone who has an exam will feel mentally stressed, and it could lead also affect their health physically as they stop looking after themselves as teen are too Autocue on studying, tents wall affect teen positively Ana negatively. Stress can also cause depression which can lead to many other mental illnesses. However, not all stress is bad for us; a little stress can be good for a person.

It can make a person feel more focused so they know they have to try to achieve the best in whatever they are doing; this can lead to the person having a high self-esteem and a high self-confidence, as they know they have achieved their target. Claire might be under a lot of stress which can affect her health negatively. Claire works at a part time Job, so she doesn’t get enough money as she needs. Her husband is retired so al of the duty of running the house is at her hands. She may not have enough money to buy quality food so this could affect her health and wellbeing as a person.

Relationships: Relationships can affect an individual’s health and wellbeing positively and negatively. When a child is young they depend on their families to do lot for them. During childhood is when the child learns how to form a relationships, this will help them as they grow older as they will use the sane social skills. In adolescence, the person begins to rely on friends emotionally and socially: they will begin to encourage and support each other. They may Join clubs which can help them intellectually, physically or even socially and emotionally.

They may Join sports club which can help them physically, they may Join tuition which can help them intellectually and socially, as they are learning new things and also meeting new friends. , and these kind of clubs can help them emotionally as they will support and encourage the individuals to do their best and aim high. When they become an adult they will learn to be more responsible, they will become a partner, parent, a neighbor and an employer. They will find it easier to make new friends as they have much ore experience and most of the fiends and may be there for the rest of their lives.

Health monitoring: A important thing about health monitoring is to make sure everything is the way it should be and it can find out any problems that might cause many other problems, so it is important that the doctor or however else finds out the problem at an early stage so the problem can be treated, and also as the professional will be advice the patient and support them to make them feel much better about themselves. It can help the person physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially (PIES).

They will earn about the problem which helps intellectually, they support from professionals this helps them emotionally and socially as they are meeting new people and it can also help them physically as they are learning how to cope with the problem. Illness prevention service: Illness prevention services are services which aim to prevent people from becoming ill. An example of this is the national healthy schools programmed, which encourages schools to inform children and young people with the skills and knowledge to make informed health and life choices.

It includes delivering a high standard to personal, social and health eating, taking an active part in physical activities and enhancing emotional wellbeing through. Screening: Health screening Is a way AT checking Tanat certain parts AT our oodles are working well. An example of a health screening programmed is the Gaston, Leigh and weighing Pact’s find and treat, which aims are to find people between 55 to 74 years old with high blood pressure and then to treat these conditions early.

Those who are picked by the scheme will also have the opportunity to discuss lifestyle issues and be referred to service that promote healthy lifestyles, including medication. Other examples include a dental check-up and screening for breast and testicular cancers. Blood pressure: The blood in the body provides all organs in the body with materials that help stay healthy. Blood pressure is the pressure that is exerted by the blood against the walls of your arteries.

Blood pressure is measured in millimeters, the pressure changes from person to person, but normal blood pressure at rest is up to 140/90, the top number is the systolic pressure which meaner it’s the maximum pressure in the arteries and the bottom number is the diastolic pressure which is maximum blood reassure as the heart relaxes between beats. Claimer’s has a Just high blood pressure which meaner she is hypertensive so she should be concerned. It is a major problem that needs reducing quickly, either by removing the source of the stress causing it, or by treating either the conditions causing it or the blood pressure itself with medication.

If left untreated hypertensive can lead to heart and kidney disease, strokes and even blindness. This will have a negative effect on her health and wellbeing because it can lead to health problems. Peak flow: The peak flow is a measure of the maximum rate, the expiratory flow rate- in liters ere minute at which air is expelled from the lungs when you breathe out as hard as you can. Why measure body fat? It is important to measure people’s body fat, some people are obese, which meaner they are at more risk to high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, being underweight can also lead to problems such as anorexia nervous or bulimia nervous.

Body mass index: Body mass index shows how much fat a person has in their body compared to their height. This is worked out by dividing an individual’s weight by their height squared. It is important to measure this because having too much can lead to obesity which dads to major health problems like heart disease. Hip/waist ratio measurement: Those who carry their fat around their waist and abdomen are more likely to suffer from the consequences of being overweight. To work out your hip/waist ratio, you divide you hip measurement by your waist measurement.

This measure is a much better indicator of risk of cardiovascular disease in people over 75 than IBM, although IBM is a good indicator for younger adults. Body fat composition: The amount of fat you carry is called your body fat percentage and affects your shape cause muscles tissue is more compact than fat. If you exercise regularly, you will have smaller body fat percentage and look slimmer than someone of the same height won doesn’t exercise Ana so NAS a enlarger orator AT y Ta .

I e two most common ways of measuring it are by standing on a body fat monitor or by using a skin fold caliper to pinch at certain parts of the body- a gauge measures the thickness of the pitch. This latter method is better carried out by a professional. The average man has 15 per cent to 17 per cent body fat, while the average woman is between 18 per cent ND 22 per cent. Blood test: A variety of tests can be carried out on your blood to see that you have the correct levels of certain substances in your body, such as cholesterol, glucose (sugars) and minerals such as sodium.

Blood tests can also show whether organs such as your liver are functioning properly. Cholesterol levels: Cholesterol is one of the body fat and is used to produce energy hormones and build body cells. It is made in you liver. A fasting blood sample is taken and cholesterol level is measured in mollies per liter of blood, or mol/l for short. There are two sorts of cholesterol: a good sort referred to as HAD, and a bad sort, called OLD. The more HAD you have in comparison with OLD the lower the cardiovascular risk.

It is possible to have high cholesterol level and a low cardiovascular risk if you don’t smoke, have diabetes or high blood pressure, and have a high proportion of good cholesterol. High cholesterol levels can occur because it runs in your family, your diet is high in saturated fats (such as full-fat dairy products, red meat, prawns) causing your liver to produce more back cholesterol, lack of exercise, being overweight, age, kidney and river disease and cardiovascular risk. My client Claire has 4. Mol/l which meaner her cholesterol level is desirable, but if she exercises then the cholesterol will decrease m

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