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    You are the first responding officer to a “dead body” call. The body is located on a dirt road in a remote area that can be best described as “desert terrain. ” As you approach the crime scene in your patrol vehicle, you notice the body lying in the middle of the road. Around the body are numerous large rocks and bushes. You also notice the following in and around the crime scene: Footprints Tire tracks Personal belongings of the victim strewn about A beer bottle in the road Dried blood on the sand and on several rocks Considering the above, what steps would you take to secure this crime scene?

    As I pull up to the crime scene as the first responder, I would check to make sure there are no other people in a life threatening state as that would be the only reason why would not secure the crime scene right away. After determining no one in critical condition, I would tape off and secure an adequate amount of space around the scene. I would first collect the bloodstains and place them in a plastic bag to keep them from molding. Then I would move to the personal belongings of the victim. I would collect them in separate bags to avoid contaminating any evidence if there is any different DNA on the different items. Loud also collect the beer bottle in a separate bag and send it out for any kind of DNA testing such as saliva or fingerprints. Next I would move to the foot prints and tire tracks as I would take multiple pictures of them with something such as ruler next to them that way we can scale them when looking at the pictures. Last but not least I would take samples of the surrounding soils and gravel. If we do find a possible suspect that happens to have matching tires on their vehicle with ravel wedged between the tread of the tires or dirt under their shoe we can compare them to the same soils in the area.

    Scenario: You are investigating an outdoor crime scene that contains the following items of physical evidence: Chewing gum Cartridge casings Broken Glass Fingerprints A wool cap most likely belonging to the perpetrator Footprints in a flower bed Tool marks on a door lock Which of the above items should be collected first, second, third, fourth and fifth in order (only select 5)? Explain why? First, would collect the fingerprints; any print other than the victims could be a Seibel suspect. Next would collect the wool cap.

    Since we have a good ideal that it is the perpetrators, any hair DNA will help pin down the suspect. Third, I would collect the cartridge castings and dust for possible fingerprints off those or at least be able narrow down firearm info. I would then collect the chewing gum and sent that off to the lab to test for saliva DNA. Lastly, I would get impressions of the footprints in the flowerbed along with getting several pictures of them with a sizeable scale in the picture.

    Scenario: You are investigating the robbery of a convenience store.

    The clerk has been shot and taken to the hospital. Also, when you ask the first responding officer for his field notes, he says, shish was such a wild crime scene didn’t have time to take any. ” Now, it’s up to you to develop some suspect leads. What steps would you/could you take? Even though the responding officer does not have anything written down, would still question him and get what he remembers from memory in to my notepad. Would actually try to do this with the first couple responding officers since what they remember from memory is better that what I have when I showed up.

    Then I would start to search the crime scene for any visible clues, such as pieces of clothing left behind, a possible firearm left behind or cartridge casings, blood samples, etc. Then I would question any witnesses to the crime or at least nearby pedestrians. After collecting all the physical evidence and submitting to the lab, and document any verbal speculations in my notebook, would make my way to the hospital to see if the clerk is in any condition to be questioned.

    Scenario: You are investigating a homicide involving a victim found dead in his apartment with a single gunshot wound to the head.

    You discover a suicide note. What key steps would you take to determine this death was truly a suicide and not a murder? Would start by collecting the suicide note and have the lab examine it for any fingerprints or any other DNA. Also I would have a handwriting analyst examine the writing on the note compared to the history of the victim’s day-to-day handwriting. Then I would start to examine the body. I would look at enter and exit wounds from the bullet to see it they are in a line that would make sense of a suicide.

    I would check the firearm for fingerprints and do a ballistics test on the let to make sure it came from that specific gun. Also I would check the body for any kind of physical bruising or wounds that would suggest a struggle.

    Scenario: You are investigating a series of related robberies and burglaries. What steps could you take to identify/recover stolen property related to these offenses? First I would question everyone that was robed/burglarized to try and find any similarities. For example, if the thief is consistent with the item types he is stealing; it might help narrow down what part of town he will attempt theft again.

    Also I would try and see if I could get a description of the criminal or vehicle from the victims that did get a visual. I would ask for descriptions of the items that were stolen and try to get important info on the items such as a serial number or anything specifically distinct of that item to pin down to the thief if we do find a suspect with the stolen items.

    Scenario: You are called to investigate the scene of a possible arson fire in a commercial furniture store. The structure is still standing, permitting you to enter it and conduct a physical inspection of the premises.

    What types of physical evidence would you look for to determine if arson is to blame for the fire? Before I enter the scene or allow anyone else to, I would question any witnesses or the first responders to see if they think they have any idea how it started or saw anyone fleeing the scene. Then I would try and determine where the fire started. When finding the origin, will most likely be able to determine how the fire started. If any kind of accelerate is found I can likely assume it was arson, since highly flammable liquids or any kind of explosives are unlikely to be in a furniture store.

    Also I would conduct a background investigation of the business and owner to see if there might be any motive of arson such as, financial stress or trying to take advantage of any insurance policies.

    Scenario: You have been assigned to an elite narcotics investigative unit. You are part of a multidisciplinary task force assembled to break up a large-scale drug trafficking operation. You have also identified several key individuals in the operation to target for arrest. What methods might you use in attempting to arrest these drug offenders that have already been identified as suspects?

    To target these specific suspects for a drug arrest, I would simply follow everything they are doing. I would observe their day-to-day lives to see if I could witness any kind of drug activity. After doing that for a suitable amount of time I would start with the lower known or suspected drug offenders to see if anything leads up to my specific target. From there, if I still suspect them of illegal activity would start to plan an undercover drug sale or buy with the target to try and catch them first hand in the act. Of course, along the way I would communicate ND plan with the other agencies to gather as much Intel as possible.

    Scenario: The IT division of a major security firm suspects that their computer files are being “hacked into” by terrorists. What investigative methods could be used to determine if the computer system is indeed being infiltrated by outsiders? Since this is a possible “terrorist” attack, I would try and get assistance from the FBI. Also, since this is an area I struggle in hopefully there resources will be better than mine. For me I would first document the entire area of which computer is suspected to be compromised.

    For example, record what kind of computer or network it is, what specific files or information is on it, what passwords are used and who are the people that have them, etc. Form there, I would try to determine if this is a crime conducted by one of the employs or someone that has the password or if it is from a foreign source. I would question the people that work specifically with this computer to see if their stories all match, along with maintaining supervision over the computer that way if it is a foreign attacker we can try and track where the source is.

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