Climate Change Article Critique Essay


Prabhakar, S. et al. (2008). Climate change and local level disaster risk reduction planning: need, opportunities and challenges. London: Springer Science

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Climate Change Article Critique
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There are times when people just get into doing things even before they fully understand what they are supposed to do. This usually has very great negative effects if the activity had something to do with the climate. This article tries to look at some of the issues that we need to understand before we start acting on climate. The article looks at some of the case studies that have a long-term impact on climate capacity building. (Prabhakar, S. et al, 2008)

Another issue that also covered in this article is some of the methods that can be used to incorporate strategic thinking into climate capacity building. The article tries to bring out the notion that we should not limit strategic thinking to regional and national planning levels alone. It we should employ it in every corner of the globe. (Prabhakar, S. et al, 2008)


In this era when global warming among other negative climatic conditions are threatening future existence of life in the world, there is a need to ensure that we are doing all that we can to save our existence. Such an article is therefore very important as it offers some of the basic problems already faced in the past by those people how tried to save their climate but at the end caused more harm. The article therefore acts as a guideline on the do and don’ts of climate change capacity building. Even though the article is applicable to practically every nation in the world, it can more apply to Australia, which now seems to have very serious problems with its climate change capacity building.  The article also gives a chart of those venerable areas and the steps that needs to be taken. It is therefore very important, as it will act as a guide in helping people to know where they should start with the recovery process.


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Prabhakar, S. et al. (2008). Climate change and local level disaster risk reduction planning: need, opportunities and challenges. London: Springer Science.


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