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Climate in the Media Article Review: Global Warming

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Climate in the Media Article Review: Global Warming

Today the world had always be changing in all ramifications, ranging from environmental, economic, social and political aspect. From one country to another, there has been pollution of various kinds affecting the entire environment that include: depletion of the ozone layer, pollution of the water bodies, global warming and loss of air. These problems have caused countries a lot in requisites to human, material and financial supply. Even though, plan options have been implemented to determine or reduce these issues, they remain.

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Climate in the Media Article Review: Global Warming
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The progress and improvement of any country depends on their level of technology know how and industrial growth. These industrial activities create materials that are hazardous to the environment, which in some cases remain harmful, unsafe and non-recyclables etc. These have led to different environmental concerns like changes in the ozone layer and changes in the climatic conditions. Some problems affect continents which resolving may be a long-term effort. These problems vary from countries to countries and one of such is Global warming that remains in the world of ours.

Global warming has been affecting humankinds in several ways. Climatic condition determines most activities countries engage in, which could include: farming, mining, industrial emission, the way we eat, what we eat and the way we dress etc. Recently, the activities have continued to be determined by climatic changes. These climatic changes have led to global warming that has caused countries many hardships. Most people claim that industrial development has a greater effect on climate in one way or the other. Global warming is not new in today discussion, because series of policies have been implemented, yet the problem persists. For instance, Africa is a continent mostly helpless even though the continent produces a little percentage of these effects. Some professionals claim that global warming is cause indirectly by industrialization. In this write up, there will be a comprehensive discussion and detail on the topic and the analysis of the article given.

In the world, it is known that activities like gas-flaring, establishment of new industries cause the ozone layer to deplete. In this context, what then is global warming? In a simple sentence, it refers to the emission of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Moreover, this is apparent in the melting of icebergs, drying lakes, warming of seas, famine, rising sea level, devastating flood etc. Countries of the world for centuries, has been experiencing increasing temperatures, rising seas levels and depletion of ozone layer.

In the article given, it begins by stating how long the world has been confronted with the problem of global warming that has existed for a couple of centuries. It states that global warming could be significantly reduced by prompt actions by policy makers. I agree to this, but the argument that the world will be witnessing rising temperature for centuries may not be hundred percent correct since new ways, strategies are been put in place to reduce global warming worldwide. It is true that activities countries engage in could be harmful to the future generations if proper actions are not taken. In essence, adopting strategies and methods of carrying out these current activities will help safe guard the world. The fourth panel’s report concerning global warming ascertains about 90% of humankind’s activities is the main cause of global warming. The report claims that green house gases and carbon dioxides are the main cause of this issue. In a way, this could be true, but in another instance, this might just be 70% correct. For example, gas flaring that has remained in Nigeria since the 1990s could be use to support the point of the panel. In addition, the various industrial activities of developed countries also support their view. Moreover, these activities most time may not be the only cause of global warming.

The United State of America have been researching and looking for ways of reducing the effects of global warming. The country under the Bush administration had invested more than $4.9 billion per year to researching and getting of new technologies at a reduced cost. This is necessary in finding solutions to this problem. However, we believe this report, but this could be a political slant. Sometimes, people use different means of promoting the image of a particular administration and making different kinds of statements. A statement like this might be an example, if proved wrong.

The statement by the secretary of Energy, Samuel Bodman that rejected the idea of unilateral limits on emissions might not be correct. He argued that the country is a small contributor to global warming with regard to the rest of the world. Even though, there have been changes in the equipment used by various industries in the country, but in a way, the various industrial activities contribute more than other countries of the world. For instance, looking at Africa, a continent that is most vulnerable to this problem contributes a small percentage to this problem. The United State of America cannot claim to contribute less than this continent. Therefore, the statement from the secretary of Energy in a way might not be 100% true. In addition, this statement might just be a misrepresentation by the secretary.

The report that the world climate could reach 3.5 to 8 degrees Fahrenheit, if carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere should attain twice its current levels is the current phenomenon.  In addition, this could double before 2050 if proper actions are not taken to change the patterns of coal and oil burning in the world. What is of necessity is looking for other ways that will require the forceful development of nonpolluting sources of power or energy. In the world today, this issue of other means of energy source is rampant.

In addition, the article reports that more issues could come from global warming. This states that this could affect the ecosystems in a way that could expose the water bodies to risks. The report claims that this could be a lifelong problem that would affect the climate and disrupt agricultural productions and water supply in the world.

In conclusion, if activities that cause global warming are not checked the world is at risk. What should matter to countries is finding an alternative means to the materials used by industrial and other activities that cause global warming.


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