Compare My Mother and Father Essay

We always think that for a happy marriage, the two people should share many similarities. My parents have been married for twenty years and they have a happy, stable marriage. However, people always curious about how they can hardly have a quarrel for they are two very different people. Their differences in physical appearance, view towards life as well as personalities are so obvious that even a stranger can see it. My mother and father are Portuguese. But, their facial bone, body size and skin color are in contrast to each other.

My father has facial bone of Europeans man in which he has big, round eyes with thick eyebrows.

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Compare My Mother and Father
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His nose is very high as the nose of those western characters. His skin is fair and slightly pink in color. As for his body size, my father has height of 5’ 2” which is the average height of a normal man. Also, he is thin and has strong limbs as a result of the hard work as a construction worker.

My mother is of the opposite of my dad. She has a typical European women face with small eyes below her sparse eyebrows. She has low bridge of the nose and the shape of the tip of her nose is as if a red guava. My mother is fatter than my father. My mother’s height is below 5’ which is bellow women average height.

Different from my father, my mother has yellow, pale color skin. Her limbs are fat and short. Besides physical appearance, they have very different views towards life. My father is a construction worker. For him, one should not enjoy his life. In his point of view, working and earning money is the main purpose of living rather than enjoyment. Consequently, it always takes us a lot of effort to persuade him for a trip to any places with our family during the holidays, including his birthday. My father is more of a saver than a spender. My mother, on the other hand, has a view that one should enjoy his life at the same time he works.

For her, earning money is an endless process and money is earned to spend. It is silly to earn a lot of money and store it in the bank without spending it forever. Furthermore, she thinks that spending money is a reward for herself after her hard work. MY mother is more of a spender than a saver. Lastly, my parents have contrary personalities. My father is a dull man. He is neither romantic nor interesting at all. He never remembers and celebrates our birthday. In fact, he never gives mother a surprise for their marriage anniversary. He has more of an anger stressful personality.

Despite his anger personality my father is more understanding when I talk to him about something. He knows when he is right and knows when he is wrong, my father isn’t afraid to admit it. As for mother, she is a fun and romantic woman. She holds birthday party for us almost every year and says “It’s your birthday! You should celebrate for you have grown up another year! ” For their marriage anniversary, she never admonish father for his carelessness. Therefore, she plays the role who gives surprises for father during their anniversaries. Furthermore, she is flexible and adventurous.

Even though she is adventures she also has her restrictions. She is stricter than my father. You can never talk to her about anything because she will take it to the next level, and to her she is always right regardless is she isn’t. Even though my father and mother are in contrast in many aspects, they have a very happy marriage. So, it can be concluded that the differences between two people will not be the obstacles in building a happy marriage. I believe it is toleration that allows them to build a strong bond between themselves and lead toward a happy marriage with no quarrels or family issues.

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