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Father Benito: Self-Discovery

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“She expresses herself in a way that makes me begin to wonder if what she has done is sinful or not. ”(57) I choose this quote because it is one of the first examples of Father Benito questioning what he was taught and what he actually believes in. There are many instances in the book that show the conflict between Father Benito’s religious views and the empathy he feels for Huitzitzilin. At this point in the story Father Benito has come to Father Anselmo with this dilemma and to search for answers to his question on what to do about these feelings.

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Father Benito: Self-Discovery
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Huitzitzilin had confessed to him of what had happened on the night of her wedding day. “Then he pointed to the bed and commanded her to lie on it. She did. ”(51) She was describing to him the rape she suffered from Tetla. It was at this point I noticed the sympathy Father Benito was feeling for Huitzitzilin. “He was filled with her pain and could not speak….

. ‘This is not your sin. It was his alone. ’”(53) I can see why he is struggling with these feelings. When he talks to Father Anselmo he states “It’s the inexplicable way in which she tells her sins.

A way that is not marked by repentance, but rather as if her actions had been mere happenstance. ”(57) What he is indicating is that she speaks of what she did as just action, every day actions. She speaks of them as if they were not sins at all and he is starting to ask himself the same question. Father Anselmo replies “Father, please! Never, never repeat that to anyone, even if you do believe it! ”(58) As you can see it is obvious that he has outside forces influencing his thoughts. He was taught what to believe and what is right or wrong.

Father Benito was taught to not have a personal opinion. It was only a matter of time before he started to develop his own feelings towards spiritual beliefs and religion, especially with an influence such as Huitzitzilin. The confession from her opened up a whole new world to him that he wasn’t aware even existed. I am interested in knowing how the relationship between the two individuals will grow and if by the end Father Benito has a clear understanding of who not only Huitzitzilin is but also who he is.

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