Comunications Assignment: Why Communication Is Effective in a Work Place?

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In a school setting communication is important between staff and students and visitors so that everyone understands the information clearly. Information,actions and what is going on and also what needs to happen and when. Also effective communication is important to keep everything organized as schools are as schools are ran on a time schedule and targets for all staff and students.

Then there is the procedures and policies needed to be followed and all staff and students need to understand these clearly. If everyone masticates clearly and understands this will improve commitment from all and improves collaboration and working together. Which helps targets to be met more frequently which can create and happy professional atmosphere. This will increase efficiency and create common sense of purpose and makes mutual respect shown.

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Communication with children you can in a social situation to make a positive relationship but keep it professional. But make sure you use the appropriate language and vocabulary and make sure they can understand what you are saying a mean. Also this can help you learn their level of learning and individual kill. (example) If a child is struggling with anything they would be more happy to tell you if they like you. Young adults With young people you have to pick the right times for social talk and support but make sure during learning they need to be focused and have eye contact monitor and sort out all distractions noticed.

Then once you have got a good professional relationship with them teaching and respect is a lot easier which benefits both you and the students. (example) if you have a good relationship with a student young person if they know of any bullying which no adults notice he would have more trust in you to tell you especially if you get on. Colleagues Communication between you and colleagues needs to be good and professional as you have to work as a team.

Schools are every organized,time schedule,targets and any false or bad communications can cause bad problems to both staff and students. (example) If their was a fire alarm and no communication was made to new staff member about how the routine is when fire alarm goes off would put new staff and the children that staff member works with in serious danger. Parents Parents need to have strong and good communication between the school and al staff as important information needs to be shared between the two.

Things like what has happened at home and what goes off in school (example) If they have certain medical needs like being allergic or tablets needed taken during school times. 1. 2 showing respect Showing respect in building a relationship is important due to the fact that everyone is different and have different comforts and boundaries. (example) If a child turns up with the same clothes everyday you need to be respectful and talk about it in private and don’t pressure them about it. Being considerate

Being considerate is important because everyone has different lives and find things harder than others. Also different issues to others are harder to one person and not so much harder for another same with emotions. (example)elf a parent turns up late on a regular basis and you are considerate and not make a big deal out of its you don’t know what that parents life is like and just nicely pull them aside and be polite and speak about the situation in private if their is a way to resolve it and listen to the answer.

Member issues that are personal to child This is important because if you don’t remember you may put that child in a ungenerous and embracing situation. (example) If a child has a fear of water and you go on a swimming trip and forget that the child has fear of water and everyone gets in the pool and the child with the fear is just stood there shaking and everyone staring at them would be targeting and horrible. Taking time to listen to a child This is important because the child could be telling housewarming extremely important.

Maybe even life changing. (example) If a child was to come to you and say “my uncle plays with my all” You have to listen carefully as this could be innocent or not innocent as she could be talking about her private parts and this s what she calls it or a toy she has called all. So you need to take time to listen and understand with every child and in every relationship building in life and as a child they will feel like you care if you have the time to listen to them. Ewing clear on key points This is important because you have to make sure they understand and communication is received properly the key points will be the most important parts of the you was to say to someone “l need you to put this pink memory stick in Mr. Beans classroom on his desk all the parts underlined are the key points it is best to check the information was understood.  This is important as people like to have fun and joke around but still be safe ,appropriate and professional still.

If your grumpy all the time they will find you boring and this will make a bad relationship so you have to not take everything to heart also. (example) If a student brings you a card and says your old on it and a load of glitter falls on you and the classroom floor making a complete mess you can’t just go in to a strop. You to laugh and be polite and say thank you as you could hurt child’s feelings and shatter there confidence.

Different situations can affect the relationships and the way people communicate. Social context. Hen in a social context with your friends you are changed person from at work. Your relaxed and more like yourself and can have a laugh. Not take everything so serious and meaningful as your people that have most likely seen you in a embracing moment once or twice.

Professional At work around people in a professional environment you have the higher ranking people and lower ranking people which shouldn’t been brought up at the work place anyways but its always there anyway you will act more serious and reflections and everything said and done is meaningful. Example) In school setting . When in a meeting you will all be in room discussing important information and personal information that shouldn’t be shared unless appropriate due to confidentiality law so you would take this situation more serious. Cultural Cultural could be where they come from in speaking different language and different religions this my cause communication problems due to not understand what is said and the information. (example) In a school setting.

If you have a class full of mostly English and two polish and you need to teach all of hem math you need to make sure you have the time to slow down and break down in smaller pieces for the children that don’t speak English will and the show them how to do the math to or get support to help with the other two so you can check the information was understood .

It is important to communicate with children effectively as they need to understand and be interested in what you are saying otherwise they wont know after your done talking what you just said to them and then they wont be learning or gain the skills need in life or communication. When communicating with children you need to use certain skills. Eye Contact When communicating with children effectively you need to have eye contact to make sure they are listening and see that you are talking to them. (example) If you are communicating with a child and they haven’t got eye contact with you and are looking at a book then they could be nodding and say yes or no to your questions but not actually paying attention. Make sure they have eye contact then you know that they are listening and paying attention to what your saying.

Actions when talking Another way to communicate with children effectively you need to use actions when talking as they understand you better with actions with the rods that you are saying. (Example) you could be communicating whit a child far away from you so they wouldn’t be able to hear you. Your trying to tell them to take their hat off as they are indoors so you make sure they have eye contact with you and know that you are talking to them and while saying the words “take your hat off’ you also do the actions of taking you hat off. Key points in what you are saying.

Hen communicating with a child you point out the key points to what you are saying (Example) when communicating with a child that doesn’t speak English every well you only say the important parts of what you are saying r you say the important key points more stood out ћ If you was saying”put this piece of work in you draw’ you would either say the key points louder or just the key points which would be “work in draw” depending on the situation and the child. Communication methods The methods used must suit all parts of the information and involved in the convocation as everyone is different.

Communication the similarities and the differences. Similarities when talking to adults and children you use different tones of voice to show your emotions behind what you are saying. Also with the same respect and boundaries. Preferences when speaking to an adult you can us bigger words such as (enthusiastic) (Example)an adult would understand what you mean but saying this word to a child they most likely wouldn’t and you would have to explain but then that most likely still not understand after that. Second speaking in enthusiastic way you could do this when communicating with an adult but not a child.

A child wouldn’t understand the difference. Third you need to keep them entertained (Example) of how. To do this you can change your voice into something children would find interesting and entertaining to listen to as the children attention span can vary. Adapting communication Adapting communication with adults depends on there needs and situation for (Example)if and adult is deaf they may have learned how to lip read so you may have to make sure they can clearly see your lips you just have to make sure you have the information needed to communicate with them.

When communicating with adults you just have to make sure you make sense and that they understand. As they don’t always have to be listening especially if the contact is in email or letter or text as long as they receive the information understand and reply then you know by the response if understood and received. Eye contact is best as well as listening but just the same not always needed. Age of child or young person Children of different ages will require different levels of attention.

Children may also need more reassurance particularly when they first transfer to secondary school. They also need more physical contact but in a professional way with there boundaries in mind. As children mature and particularly during puberty they will need more help with emotions and talking through issues and reflecting on their thoughts. You will also need to adapt your vocabulary as older children wont find t respectful if you are speaking to them as if they are babies and they are also more self-conscious and emotional. Intent When dealing with communication you need to adapt your verbal communication accordingly.

If your working on a learning activity it is important that the child or young adult is focused on the activity at hand and you deal with any distractions that arise accordingly and appropriately. Before they are interrupted and find it hard to get focused again. Layoff with child in a more social environment such as in the dinning hall you should use this opportunity o to develop a more positive relationship with pupils.

Example you could speak about food likes and dislikes or even hobbies or t. V but also remember to stay professional do not speak about your personal life or become to close to a pupil as the pupil my get to attached to you . Pupils may ask questions about your private life it is sometimes best to answer these questions in a sense of humor. (Example) i don’t think you would find this very interesting. There could come a time a student asks for you contact details or find you on a social site like backbone you should never do this. Communications differences

When communicating with children always have to remember to keep formal professional communication and relationships. When communicating with children with differences we have to make sure you can communicate in the way they understand gather all information you need and knowledge for (Example) some my need sign language or my be blind or may not speak be able to speak at all.

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