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Conspiracy theories

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With some major news in our society comes the existence of doubt on an issue. Conspiracy Theories, which are ideas behind the making of a world breaking scenario, are both known to our society and some of the hardest views to understand. Conspiracies have existed since the beginning of time and have led people to believe other things while hiding the real details about happenings and events that have an effect on the society as a whole. Who are the authors of these conspiracies? What lies beneath the surface? Most important, what is the reason for their existence? Several well purported conspiracies can be found today in print or on the web pages.

They have been discussed to such lengths that one has no idea whether to believe them or not. Several conspiracies are so farfetched that just reading them can boggle one’s mind as to how they were conceived. There are also several that are based on facts and figures, and can be gleaned that they are not that much farther from the truth.

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One well-known conspiracy is that of the event 9/11. How did this come to be regarded as a conspiracy? It is said that in the quest for Black Gold, the conspirators are doing their best to control the oil, and this means putting pressure on oil producing countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. To elevate the doubt of conspiracy, the prime suspect of the 9/11 attacks is an operative of the CIA by the name of Osama bin Laden (September 11 Conspiracy Theories). The attack is also said to have been a leeway to add the budget for war and a defense system. This is also projected to be a link for the justification of a state policy on a pre-emptive response to the threat of terrorism, which means that the U.S can attack any country they perceive to be a threat to national security (September 11 Conspiracy Theories).

The death of Diana, Princess of Wales posed another issue of conspiracy. It is said to be that it was not an accident, but rather a murder, an artwork of the Royal Family (Seize the Night Conspiracy Theories). The so-called conspirators can no longer put up with Diana’s growing popularity not only in her homeland but around the world. Like a fairy tale come true, after 12 years of unhappy marriage, Diana had her own voice in the world and the conspirators wanted to silence her. They claimed that the Royal Family also hated Muslims, as supported by another conspiracy “Anti-Muslim conspiracy” (Seize the Night.). It should be noted that Dodi Al Fayed, the new love interest of Diana was a Muslim and the Royal Family could not afford a Muslim step-father for the would-be heir to the throne (Seize the Night Conspiracy Theories).

Another conspiracy that shook the world was the assassination of Martin Luther King, the “Black Messiah” (Seize the Night Conspiracy Theories), who was well known for being a civil rights activist. His vocal opposition to the Vietnam War and support of the equality between blacks and whites marked him as a person to be watched by government authorities. His voice also reached the heights wherein the government could not take it anymore, and decided that the messiah must die. The appearance of military operatives and special operations groups in Memphis on the day of the killing, created doubts of the government’s participation in eliminating Dr. King. Although the prime suspect James Earl Ray was caught, put to trial, and then had a two life imprisonment verdict. Still he denies pulling the trigger for that fatal shot and claimed to never have been involved in the assassination plot. The authorities succeeded in silencing Mr. Ray. (Seize the Night Conspiracy Theories)

The conspiracies presented played a major role in answering the blurred side of their respective times. It may be true or just a product of the playful minds of each author. If we dig deeper into each theory and other issues presented, we may conclude that major occurrences in this weird society lead to the so called principles of the “New World Order” (Fraser, I. and Beston, M). Each of them is designed to lure the innocent minds of people in the third world countries resulting to their suffering and worse, even death. The so-called murder of Princess Diana and assassination of Dr. King only signify that people who were once loved by the people can be the object of plots and intrigue committed by those who want them out of the way.

There are other popular conspiracy theories out there that seek to prove the truth otherwise being presented to the people about events, people, and organizations that exist today. The theories presented above have attracted the attention of the readers due to their popularity, in the case of Princess Diana, Martin Luther King, and the heartbreaking effect of the 9/11 tragedy. In cases where the deaths of certain popular icons cannot just be accepted at face value by their followers, people seek other reasons than the obvious, in order to explain and further sensationalize their lives and deaths, and fill the emptiness left by the demise of their hero/heroine.

Even from the beginning, our ancestors have been curious with what went on around them. They tried to find an explanation for the things they don’t understand and in the process of looking they learned to use their imagination. With imagination came incredible and out of this world stories they wove in order to explain those things that lay beyond their realm of perception and understanding. Thus, ancient beliefs about gods and goddesses who were given credit for the tragedies and natural disasters that plagued those times were born. It was said that even these mighty beings were not averse to playing with the humans for their own amusement. They were the early conspirators who, even among themselves, tried to out-do one another which in effect the lowly mortals became the pawns in their malicious and often hurtful games.

Our society today is not that much different from time of long ago. People today are even more curious and desire knowing the extraordinary events that happen around them. These conspiracy theories tend to play into the imagination and the more unlikely it is, the more people are intrigued. It is one of the reasons for its popularity. Humans have been said to have over-active imaginations and sometimes we tend to be insatiable in our thirst for knowledge. Likewise, sometimes we become tired of believing the ordinary and look for fresh and new ideas that will feed this craving. When real knowledge and answers are not readily available, theories and scenarios are created just to fill the emptiness and pain of unawareness (Seize the Night Conspiracy Theories).

 On the other hand, there are some selected few who possess the knowledge being denied to most of the population. They are the so-called present day conspirators which include governments, the military, and even the businessmen. Why is this so? One reason is the need for secrets. There is a saying that you should not let the right hand know what the left hand is doing. Why? Some information tends to be so sensitive that the less people know the better. But then, this kind of information can often arouse people’s curiosity. Once even a small piece of information comes out, it has the propensity to get blown out of proportion. People relish talking that even the impossible can become possible.

In a sense, the one thing that is common to these conspiracies is the idea that there is always someone or a specific group of people who are making these things happen, especially if the target does not conform to their idea of what or how something should be done. The seed of doubt is being planted in people’s minds. The public is hungry for more information. We are not just satisfied by what is in front of our eyes but we try to find how a particular idea or thing came about. Curiosity plays a great part in the emergence of these conspiracies.

These occurrences triggered the minds of conspiracy theorists, because of the possibility of too many pages in the story which remain unturned until today. Question after question, critical thinkers are hungry for the truth, eager to know what really happened, or what went wrong. In the case of the ordinary people, they only wait to be fed with information, thus, creating too many versions and most of the time, being misled by the scenarios presented. These are just theories that have not been proven, conspiracies that will remain just that until those who are being cited as the perpetrators come forward and prove them true, or prove them wrong.


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