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A Letter to My Aunt

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Dear Aunt Bessie, Hello Aunt Bessie, I am sorry I have not been writing to you lately. I am having trouble running the mills by myself since my family has died of malaria. Which is why I now know where I will put your million dollars that I have received from you. Progressivism is a tough moment in our history. We are battling progressivism, which is a movement reformed to change America. This is why I have chosen to take your blessed million dollars, and put it towards these reforms; 600,000 towards food safety, 300,000 towards child labor, and 100,000 towards women’s rights.

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A Letter to My Aunt
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I have decided to put your 600,000 dollars towards food safety, Upton Sinclair stated,” There was never the least attention paid to what was cut up for sausage…”(Doc D). Who would of known meat could become a threat to society. Any meat produced today in time is a horrible thing to eat. Factory workers are very unsanitary, and should not produce the meat to the public unless they follow a correct sanitized plan.

Second, I shall put your 300,000 to a group I feel is just as worse, child labor. Child labor is a horrible thing to put young human beings through.

It consists of making young children into hard labor jobs that include them to do work where adults need help, which usually contained in smaller places. As Lewis Hine says, “The boys working in the breaker are bent double, with little chance to relax; the air at times is dense with coal-dust, which penetrates so far into the passages of the lungs that for long periods after the boy leaves the breaker, he continues to cough up black coal dust” (Doc B). This is a description of horrid acts from this day in age. I feel sick to my stomach thinking about how those children are being treated.

Also, I have come to a conclusion that I will put the rest of your money which is 100,000 dollars into what you would have want me to put it into, women’s rights. Women’s rights are a cruel thing to have laws against the female gender. You have always taught me to teach ladies with dignity, and respect Aunt Bessie; I don’t understand why the government wont proceed to make things equal to all. Jane Addams stated in an article that, “…((If) woman would fulfill her traditional responsibilities to her own children… the she must bring herself to use the ballot… American women need this… to preserve the home”(Doc C).

Women need these right all throughout America to tend to their families. Also they need them to make a difference in the government. All in all, that is the reason I have chosen to take my inheritance from you and place them into these reforms; the 600,000 dollars towards food safety, 300,000 dollars towards child labor, and 100,000 dollars towards women’s rights. I truly believe this money will do great deeds in the progression of progressivism; it will make a great push of momentum to help out our American citizens. With Much Love, Mitch Vogrin

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A Letter to My Aunt. (2016, Sep 17). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/dear-aunt-bessie/

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