“Deep Survival” by Laurence Gonzales

Everyone at one point in their lives has a situation where they have to decide or do something on their own. The more experience they have the better the outcome usually is. What if you had to survive in the wilderness by yourself? Could you find food, make a fire, make shelter, etc. In the short writing Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales, she explains many reasons or ways people survive in these situations. Personally, I think the biggest way to survive is to have self-confidence.

When you have self-confidence anything is possible. Without this you won’t have that thought that kind of nudges you along. Most people just let their minds wonder. This works to, but you’re not really determined. Self-confidence helps you take every step until you reach you destination. You never know it might be right around the corner or over the next hill. Now wouldn’t that stink extremely bad if you gave up right before you get there. There are many stories that have this kind of ending.

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Second, thing that I think would help is experience. Like in “To Build a Fire” somebody talked to the main character before he left on his journey and said he should go with someone else. If he would have listens to his advice because he has more experience he would still be alive. The best way to learn things is through experience. Most people would agree with me. If you did not know how to build a fire how could you survive? Unless you ate only fruits and vegetables, good luck.

Back in the older days before there was electricity people would use friction by rubbing two sticks together until it starts smoking, then turns into fire. Third, celebrating the little things helps. If I made it across a river I would celebrate my success in some way, shape, or form. If this pushes you to your destination, then you will have a great pace. Say you had some food in your pocket, you are really hungry, you could bribe yourself to go further until you think it’s the right time.

Just like if you were training a dog, after he does a trick you give him a treat. In the end you want to do whatever is necessary to survive. If you have seen Bear Grylls on television shows the things he does to stay alive are amazing. Some are a little crazy but he is just proving a point. Now that you know some basics to survive in the wild you can be a little bit more confident. This doesn’t mean you can survive anywhere and I don’t encourage doing any of these on purpose.

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