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Dragonwings by Laurence Yep: Novel Review

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For that reason in the book, is why friendship and family really stood out in the novel as main themes, they were seen in every chapter. Shown in every way and showed how even in situations that are unimaginably hard Yep shows that friendship and family can be of extreme importance to even the strongest of people. During Moon Shadows travels on the golden mountain he finds new friends in every way possible. Like shown here with Robin “Each day I feel a little more welcome here, and Robin is surely helping’.

Yep, 89) in this scene and definitely shown in this quote is friendship at its best. Moon shadows slowly starts warming in to his new life even though he’s been there for several years. Yep shows Moon Shadows growing from a young boy with no friends and small sense of family, to friend’s he’ll never forget and family he can’t live without. As Moon Shadow slowly begins to adjust he learns valuable lessons about his friend and family.

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Dragonwings by Laurence Yep: Novel Review
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Not only does Dragon wings portray friendship and family in a very inspiring way, but it really makes you think how would your life be different without it?

As Moon Shadow slowly starts warming in devastation soon comes “If only we could find jack, I’m sure his family is missing him, dad come we have to go find him, please. “(Yep, 1 05) shown in this quote Jack gets lost and most everyone is off looking for their own relatives but not Moon Shadow, no he goes out looking for Jack. This quote proves that even though Moon Shadow was once frightened and cared by Jack he has overcome his fear and would now call him a friend so he is insists they go look for him.

So after devastation it was shown that after time eventually you can rebuild and make a comeback you just may need a little support and where better than from your own blood and family or you dearest friends. There are good and bad times in life. At the end of this novel it end’s happily and on a good note. Like shown here “Dad you really did it we’re flying, yes son isn’t it great we can see everything from up here. (Yep, 209) so as shown in the quote although some parts in the novel weren’t as happy and cheery for the Lee family.

In the end even though Wind Rider broke several ribs and his ankle he didn’t mind he had the time of his life with not only his family but very close friends and that was pure bonding at its best. In this book friendship and family are amazingly portrayed. Yep showed that even when life becomes almost too hard to manage that even the slightest acknowledgement from a friend or family member can bring your spirits up ND even the strongest most powerful people need a little support from friends and family sometimes not everyone can do it alone you know.

Some of the reasons I choose these scenes was because they just screamed out friendship and family as you read. It showed that everyone needs a little help at some point and wherever you’re going you just might be able to get there will some help from and inspiring friend or family member. So the next time you’re feeling down go ahead remember this essay let it be your inspiration to better yourself your friends and especially your family!

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