The World I’ve Come From

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In 200-250 words, describe how your dreams and aspirations have been shaped by the world you come from, including factors such as your family, clubs, school, community, city, or town.

Growing up in my immigrant Russian Jewish family was like playing a game of chess. Each family member had their own role and tactics, all aimed at achieving success in our new country. Being the eldest child, I felt immense pressure to meet my parents’ expectations and be a role model for my siblings. This pressure motivated me to wake up at 3 AM to study chess with the goal of winning the US Nationals, and stay awake all night memorizing formulas for AIME and USAMO.

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After spending two weeks continuously refining my Connect Four program, I came to the realization that my motivation was not to gain validation from others, but rather to achieve personal success and excellence. However, the demanding schedule of school and volunteer work left me with no time to socialize and form new connections. As a solution, I took the initiative to establish a local Heritage Club which offers an open invitation to anyone interested. Through this club, we aim to deepen our understanding of contemporary political and cultural events while fostering bonds among its members.

Throughout my college years, I eagerly anticipate the evolution of nerdiness in my world, a characteristic that I take pride in.

From a young age, I have taken great pride in my persistence and dedication. When I was just two years old, my dad introduced me to chess, which required immense effort to maintain focus. However, I quickly developed a talent for persistence and spent countless hours perfecting my moves. Even now, we fondly reminisce about the amusing photos of me as a toddler, almost tasting chess pieces.

I thrive on challenges that come with learning new skills and often dedicate long periods of time to preparing for math and programming competitions by repeatedly reviewing difficult concepts. Despite moments of frustration with my progress, I am determined to continue practicing both the violin and guitar.

When tutoring in math or teaching seniors about technology, patience and dedication prove valuable. These qualities also allow me to assist my siblings with their homework, avoiding major disappointments. Additionally, I actively contribute to the safety of my town; I participated in the Junior Police Academy and the Prosecutor’s Summer Internship for four years, and underwent training with State Troopers. This physical challenge had a profound impact on my strength and fitness. When coding, I can maintain focus for extended periods of time. My recent accomplishment is a computerized Connect Four game that surpasses the strategies of most existing applications.

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