Disability and Equality through the Eyes of Charlie in the novel Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

It has been said that all human beings need to be accepted and liked by others. In the novel Flowers For Algernon, the main character Charlie would have trouble agreeing with the statement above Being accepted and liked by others is especially hard in Charlie’s case. He has a disability, and anyone who lives in this world knows it is near impossible to fit in and be accepted as a person when one has a disability. Everyone has the right to equality, Just because Charlie or anyone else like him has a problem does not make them any less of a person. They have the right to live a life to their full potential because Charlie is not much different than you and I. Although he may have a few differences. he is still a human with a heart and feelings Someone With a disability cannot be held back from their maximum potential of achievement and goals, Charlie has an operation done to him.

This operation is intended to make him more intelligent. After a while of waiting the operation seems to be a success as Charlie becomes a lot smarter. But no matter what he does he still cannot fit in. Now that Charlie is smarter he soon realizes whenever he was laughing and havrng fun everyone wasjust laughing at him and not with him. The two men who he works at the bakery With, Joe Carp and Frank Reilly were two who made fun of Charlie every chance they could get. Joe and Frank along With everyone else who worked at the bakery soon realized Charlie was getting more intelligent as he started moving up positions in the bakery NOW they were angry with Charlie and he could still not fit in.

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What like about Charlie is all this time when having little to no friends he never seems to be caught up in his appearance, and everyone knows that in this world so many people focus on what is on the outside other than what Is on the inside. Charlie is not normal, and because of this he is not accepted (by most people) as a person with rights and feelings. But who is to say what is normal Maybe Charlie is normal and the rest of us are not. The point is it is not his fault he was born such a way. But for Charlie and anyone else like him, the fact that they cannot enjoy life to the full extent that most people do is torture enough. They do not need to be harassed and tortured by others. The next time you say, It is not fair! Life is not fair. Then think of all those who do not have the same simple privileges in life you take for granted.

One of the most powerful aspects of the novel is the way in which it humanizes people with disabilities, and challenges readers to rethink their assumptions about what it means to be disabled. Through Charlie’s perspective, readers are able to see the world through the eyes of someone who has often been marginalized and excluded. This perspective can be transformative, helping readers to develop a greater understanding and empathy towards people with disabilities. In conclusion, Flowers for Algernon is a novel that explores the themes of disability and equality through the eyes of its central character, Charlie Gordon. Through Charlie’s experiences, the novel challenges readers to rethink their assumptions about disability, and raises important questions about the nature of equality and social acceptance. It is a thought-provoking and emotionally impactful work, and remains a powerful commentary on the human condition and the struggles of those who are often overlooked and marginalized in society.

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