Do Footballers GetPaid Too Much

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90 grand in 90 minutes It has been argued worldwide that footballers today are getting overpaid for their profession. Society has argued that excessive amounts of money is being spent on the players themselves despite their occupation offering minimal benefits to the general public and It being more of a hobby than a Job, In contrast, It can be argued that footballers must also face struggle and hardship over the course of their career. The increasingly high pay of the average footballer has, obviously, a great impact on our society.

It is likely that the high pay of footballers is of great advantage to many as it promotes goods business. Due to its high appeal to all ages and genders, being the most popular sport worldwide, it provides good Job opportunities for many different fields. Not only for those looking to get into a football career but also to those who are less talented in that particular field as well as those who have lower educational qualification. Coaches, wardens, first aid, security, construction businesses for stadiums and even cleaners are among some of the different careers available.

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This tremendous popularity Is a result of football being a form of entertainment which the public has a strong want for, being the most watched sport, both live and on television. Some also add that the substantial amount of money that footballers receive gives them a greater motivation to perform their best on the pitch, due to this; higher quality football is produced for billions of fans to enjoy. In contrast others may argue that the towering pay of these footballers can act as a magnet to many, but a repellent to others.

As it can detract people from jobs by putting them if from what seems to them as a remarkably low pay, when compared to the pay of a football player. When people argue that footballer ARE paid too much, they usually tend to use other Jobs, which offer more evidence that the society is being benefited, in comparison. Arguing that football is nothing In comparison to hundreds of Jobs, fire fighters for example, (which offer a salary less than a 12th of a footballer) In terms of benefits to society.

Thus people argue that an Inordinate amount of money Is being spent on footballers who don’t make beneficial use of the money and are pending it carelessly and recklessly. Whereas these citizens should spend wisely, by using it for the benefit of charities and providing for junior sporting clubs etc. There are plenty of premier league football players who are getting paid over OHIO,OHO a week, which is enough to feed over 600 families in Africa for a whole year. If every premiership footballer was to donate Just 1% of their salary, over 20,000 African families could be fed for a year.

Despite all this, it goes without saying that there are many footballers who donate millions to charity, some even their whole earnings. David Beckman is currently donating his whole salary (IEEE,OHO a month) to a children’s charity. Another case was revealed about a young footballer who kindly donated to finance a hospital, despite his Income being very little compared to David Buckram’s. So It Is needless to say that there are footballers who are spending their money beneficially. Imagine If somebody earned In a week what most people would earn in a decade. Would they deserve it?

People argue that the how much salary the Job should offer. There are many Jobs that evidently are of a lot ore benefit to society than footballers. For example, doctors, soldiers, brain surgeons etc. There are doctors creating medicines that treat life threatening diseases, soldiers who settle worldwide disputes and risk their lives for their country even geographers making life changing discoveries. The typical daily routine of a fire fighter involves 48-hour shifts, visiting scenes of trauma and horrific accidents this can obviously result in great emotional exhaustion, yet still, they continue saving lives every day.

And at the end of the week they are lucky if they have enough money to deed a family of four. The average week of a footballer involves a training session, an appointment with the physiotherapist, a press conference and a 90 minute match. And at the end of the week they have enough money to buy a nice house. Yet still, fire fighters, doctors, soldiers and geographers earn only a microscopic amount compared to footballers, fire fighter earning only around EYE,OHO, annually. Albeit, many argue that footballers are working pretty much 2417, having to eat properly and travel day and night, which can be overly exhausting.

In a split second, if an injury occurs, their whole career can be ended, which is a risk to rely upon. Football players are so expensive because they are very rare. Adding that doctors, soldiers and teachers get paid less because they are more common and there are more than enough of them and that most footballers retire at age 30-35 therefore high income is crucial in order to survive in the future. Furthermore, some also argue that the only way to determine if a footballer is getting paid too much is to see how much he generates for the club. Personally, I do think footballers are getting paid excessively.

I wink that it is an unfair Judgment to state that there are more than enough doctors, teachers etc. Just because a Job is more common it doesn’t make it any less productive in our society. What enticement do children and young people have to become doctors, teachers or fire fighters? The young are shaped by modern culture and if our culture drives and attracts the young towards less beneficial Jobs, our generation will produce more footballers and fewer doctors. Next generation children will ask themselves, why waste most of your lifetime working and earn half of what some footballers earn in under month?

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