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Does Alexander the Great Deserve His Reputation?

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  • Pages 2
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    Alexander the Great, king of Macedonia was undoubtedly one of the most powerful and influential leaders in history. His unprecedented control over his military as well as a strong economic backbone enabled him to conquer the majority of the known civilization. He ruled with fear and conquered through strength. Yet when taking a step back and categorizing great leaders, does “Alexander the Great” truly top the charts; or is his name the foundation of a faulty reputation?

    Alexander grew up in the Greek peninsula of Macedon and was tutored by the Greek Philosopher Aristotle who helped him develop into an intelligent young man. He was taught in religion, leadership and philosophy. Alexander was forced to be mature and learn how to handle an empire at the age of sixteen because his father, Philip II would leave him in charge while he was fighting in battle. He was inherited the throne at age twenty after Philip II was assassinated. He became the leader of a very commanding kingdom.

    Alexander immediately set out to conquer the mighty and massive Persian Empire. Within just twelve years, he defeated all Persian forces and conquered the entire empire. Unlike most rulers, Alexander participated and fought in all of his battles, and was a very successful fighter. He inspired loyalty among his army and was very well respected by his men. He never lost in battle, and many acknowledge him as a military genius. Alexander’s empire stretched from the Nile to the Indus River, which included the nations of Persia, Egypt, Greece and India.

    He brought Greek ideas, culture and lifestyle to all of the land he conquered. This era was known as the Hellenistic period and it was a blend between the different cultures. This was a very important period in history, for many advancements in mathematics and science developed and education became extremely important during this time. Not only did Alexander conquer the whole known world, he also founded and over seventy cities and of all the cities he founded, Alexandria of Egypt was the most famous.

    Alexandria, named after Alexander became the trading and military Macedonian base and eventually became a major economic and cultural center for many centuries. Although Alexander was known for being short tempered and slightly obsessed with his power, he was a great leader and military genius who conquered the whole known world at such a young age. He was well respected among his people and he started an era of cultural blending. He is very well known as one of the greatest leaders of all time, therefore giving him the name Alexander “the great”.

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